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The Z-Split Vita is a reboot of the Z-Split console by Zexal Studio.


The console is both home console and handheld console. A new main controller is introduced, called the Z-Pad. The Z-Pad consists of 6 letter buttons, 2 trigger buttons on the top, 4 number buttons, 1 directional Circle Pad and 2 special buttons, 1 button for Home Mode and 1 button for Handheld Mode. It also has a stylus called Z-Pen and a keyboard called the Z-Board, so you can type in names or comments on this console. There's also a new version of the Z-Split Controller, called the Z-Classic 2.0.


Both ModesEdit

  • Card Channel - The channel to play a game on the Z-Split Vita.
  • Music Channel - The channel to play MP3s transfering from your computer or your mobile devices.
  • YouTube - The channel to watch videos on the YouTube website.
  • Netflix - The channel to watch TV shows or movies on Netflix.
  • GoAnimate - The channel to make GoAnimate videos with features of all GoAnimate Plans. Comedy World is replaced with a new version of the art style called Comedy World 2.0. Comedy World 2.0 has character customizing features from Business Friendly except you can now change underwear or leggings and what's on the character's back. You can also change both eye colors, outside and inside. The art style also has fighting skills like Lil' Peeps.
  • Sony Vegas - The channel to edit videos with all of the features from many Sony Vegas versions. You can also combine your videos with this channel with GoAnimate, CGI and Adobe Flash.

Home ModeEdit

  • Throwback Console (Home) - The channel to play home console games not on Z-Split or Z-Split Vita.
  • Z-Flow - The channel to play console games (especially when not on Z-Split or Z-Split Vita) from your USB drive or SD card.

Handheld ModeEdit

  • Throwback Console (Handheld) - The channel to play handheld console games not on Pocket Z or Z-Split Vita.
  • Z-Flow Mini - The channel to play handheld games (especially when not on Pocket Z or Z-Split Vita) from your SD card.


More games coming soon..


  • This is the only non-Nintendo console that allows games from Nintendo.
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