War of Heroes Crossover Universe
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Developer Halycon Games
Publisher Electronic Arts
Platform(s) Xbox One
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter
Spin-Off Series Terminator-Walking Dead Revised Continuity
Parent Series Multiversal Crossover Series
First Title War Of Heroes: Global Warfare
Latest Title Terminator: Multiverse Paradox
"A new Breed of Crossover Gaming!"

- Tagline

The War Of Heroes Crossover Universe is an extremely popular Series and a Crossover between the franchises of Terminator, The Walking Dead, Call of Duty and Watch Dogs. It takes place during an event known as the War Against the Villain Armada, a massive War between the Forces of The Hero Coalition and invaders of The Villain Armada and across the First Trilogy: War Of Heroes: Global Warfare, Terminator Genisys (Crossover Reboot) and Terminator: Multiverse Paradox. The main protagonist is Clementine Everet, protagonist of Telltale's Walking Dead and accompanied by Terminator protagonist Kyle Reese (War Of Heroes) as they fight alongside Humanity against the invading Villains.

A Prequel Series, titled the War Of Heroes Prequels, was later confirmed at E3 2019 and will start with a game titled War Of Heroes: Genesis.

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