War Of Heroes: Global Warfare
Developer(s) Infinity Ward
Publisher(s) Activision
Release Date June 1st, 2018
Genre First-Person Shooter
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: MA15+
Platforms Xbox One
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series War Of Heroes Crossovers
Predecessor None
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War Of Heroes: Global Warfare is a new game in the Armada Rising Series, and a new edition to the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe. With Ubisoft-Pixar on a tight schedule developing War Of Heroes: The New Order, Infinity Ward stepped up and took their place, developing Global Warfare for a whole year. The game takes place after the Prologue Mission of Call Of The Watch Dogs: Brink of Annihilation, and follows Kyle Reese, a Scavenger in the Metroville Ruins and an up-and-coming member of The Hero Coalition, as he meets Clementine, who is fighting her own personal war against an even more powerful enemy... The Villain Armada! The game is exclusive to the Xbox One and is set for release on June 1st, 2018.

Although non-canon, it is now the official prequel to Incredibles: Dawn of Fate (after the August 19th Rewrite). The game takes place a few weeks before the events of Dawn of Fate, and involves Kyle meeting Clementine and explaining how Kyle got sent to Earth-614. However, an Alternate Sequel named War Of Heroes: Roads To Victory was published after this game. When asked whether or not RTV was canon to Dawn of Fate, Alex Amancio confirmed that it was NOT, and was to start an Alternate Trilogy where Kyle was not sent back to Earth-614, and instead stayed on Earth-135 to defeat Ozone and help the Coalition win the War Against the Villain Armada.

Cast Edit

  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese (Earth-135)
  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett (Earth-135)
  • Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright
  • Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett (Audio Logs)
  • Noam Jenkins as Aiden Pearce
  • Anne Hopkins as Nicole Pearce
  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson Pearce
  • Brandon Routh as David Walker/Hesh
  • David Vincent as Logan Walker/Ghost
  • Jeffrey Pierce as Thomas Merrick
  • Scott Whyte as Ozone
  • Mikal A. Vega as Scarecrow
  • Aaron V. Williamson as The Armada Grunt

Synopsis Edit

After The Villain Armada has invaded Earth-135, the War Against the Villain Armada is now in its closing stages! With The Hero Coalition now in shambles after their crushing defeats in the Great Invasion of Earth-135 and the Battle of Metroville, Clementine Everett goes to the Metroville Ruins and finds a boy who may be the Coalition's last hope... His name is Kyle Reese, and he is the salvation of Humanity! Together, the two Heroes from 2 different Dimensions: Terminator and The Walking Dead, must join forces and go through dozens of Missions together in order to help the United Multiverse Alliance against the advancing Villain Armada Invasion. However, during their travel towards the Fort Santa Monica, Coalition Base, Kyle will quickly come to realise Clementine's Past and her history with several Villains (which will be explained in Prequel Games), and will eventually develop feelings for her in a vital part of the Crossover Storyline: The Destruction of The Villain Armada!

Plot Edit

The game starts off on the date of March 21st, 2014, as narration from Kyle Reese is heard, saying "The Multiverse. An infinite number of different versions of Earth, connected through a string of Portals and all of them... Are at War!" as it shows a shot of Low Earth Orbit as the International Space Station scans Earth-135 and the Operator says "Sand Bravo, we have visual on a possible 100,000,000 Enemy Troops heading towards the East Coast, please verify?" and the Air Traffic Control Operator answers "Very funny, Station. That's a big negative, over." as millions of Red Dots (Enemies) are seen on the Global Imaging Scanner, heading for America. The ISS Operator then says "Sand Bravo, there may be a slight glitch in one of our SAC-NORAD Scanners. Sierra Delta, you got anything?" as a static and loud message is heard, with the Sierra Delta Operator yelling "They're EVERYWHERE!!!" and ISS Operator asks "Sierra Delta, repeat?!" and SDO responds "There's millions of Armada Ships over I-95!! How the fuck did they get through Earth-135's Orbit?!" as millions of Sattelites pick up panicked chatter from hundreds of people, and then a massive ICBM Missile is seen by a group of Astronauts working on the International Space Station, and the Missile flies above the East Coast, before exploding and sending a massive Electromagnetic Pulse Explosion across the United States, causing all of the Fighter Jets, Helicopters and VTOL Warships sent to defend America offline, crashing into the streets of thousands of American cities.

The game then shows thousands of Villain Armada Ships, Gunships and XS1 Goliaths as they fly into hundreds of cites across the United States and fire missiles at the Skyscrapers, causing the buildings to topple down, hitting the streets and causing massive explosions and craters in the streets, while also killing hundreds of people. 4 hours later, The Hero Coalition and US Military have been fighting ferociously against the Villain Armada, but they are eventually all crushed as the Armada's brute strength annihilates them, killing thousands of their Troops and destroying every city in America, and then the game turns to black.

The game then switches to 4 months later, where it shows the Ruins of Metroville, the once great City of Heroes, now in ruins with fallen skyscrapers, Human skulls and skeletons paving the streets along with destroyed Tanks, crashed Helicopters and VTOL Warships, and also several crashed Armada Dropships and Gunships. As several Hunter Killer Ships with the Villain Armada Symbol fly above the city's Ruins, Kyle Reese (played by Bryant Prince) is seen crouching behind several crashed Helicopters and VTOLs as he analyzes the movement of the Hunter Killers, and then Kyle's narration is heard, with him saying "I was one of the survivors. My parents were killed during the Great Invasion of Earth-135, and I will never forget my Mother's last words: 'run, and don't look back'. That's what I do against the Armada, because I scavenge parts and food from the ruins of several Cities, and it works. I creep around in the shadows, hiding from the Armada... Alone, and scared." as he moves through several Helicopter and VTOL wreckages.

He then finds a massive, tearing hole in the ground next to a crashed VTOL leading to the Subway System, and he jumps down it and heads underground, before taking out a Bizon SMG with an ACOG and Muzzle Brake and going down through the Subway Tunnels. He then hears a barking sound and says "Over here, Riley! Come on, boy." and he sees his dog, Riley (the dog from COD: Ghosts that everyone was hyped about, because... Well, he was a dog! If Infinity Ward can do it, I can too), run up to him. Kyle then pets Riley and says "It's okay, boy. Stay here." but Riley starts barking agitatedly at someone behind Kyle, who then looks behind him to see 4 shadowed people holding ASM1-Speakeasy SMGs, and one of them says "It's alright, kid. Are there any others down here? We're a Coalition Search Party, looking for survivors." and Kyle backs away fearfully, and sees the Symbols of The Villain Armada and the Flag of Armada-Occupied America patched on to the Troops' uniforms. John then says "You're Armada?!" and the Armada Grunt (voiced by Aaron V. Williamson, who played a T-800 in Terminator: Genisys) says "Sorry, kid. But Ozone wants one thing: the Coalition's extinction!" and Kyle tells them "I'm not involved with the Coalition! I'm just a Scavenger, I swear! Please, just..." but the Grunt and all the Troops aim their ASM1-Speakeasy SMGs at Kyle, and Riley barks at the Troops ferociously. Just as the Troops and the Grunt take a few steps closer to Kyle, a Flashbang comes out of nowhere and explodes, and Kyle falls to the ground as the drain on the roof of the Tunnel is kicked open, and Clementine, wearing a mask over her face, jumps in and shoots the Troops with an EM-XRE Plasma Blaster, hitting the Troops and Grunt with a single Beam of Concentrated Direct Energy, killing all the Troops and critically wounding the Grunt. Clementine then takes out a Glock 17 Pistol (that once belonged to Lee Everett, her guardian and adoptive father) and says to the Grunt "Pick on someone your own size, Armada scum!" and she shoots the Grunt in the head, blowing his brains out and killing him.

Clementine then looks at Kyle, who is on the floor, breathing heavily in shock and fear as he looks up at her, and Clementine says "It's alright. I won't hurt you, you're safe now. Come on, we need to move before those Hunter Killers and Seeker Drones spot us." as she helps Kyle up, and Kyle says "You're... Not going to kill me?" and Clementine answers "No. Do I look like I'm from the Armada? What's your name?" and Kyle tells her "My name's Kyle Reese." and Clementine says "Well, Kyle, I'm Clementine Everett. You got a Hideout nearby?" and Kyle answers "Yeah, I stay in the Metroville Observatory. In one of the Fallout Shelters. I can take you there. This is my dog, Riley, by the way." as Riley whimpers after the attack, and Kyle says "You're okay, boy. Clementine's a friend, alright?" and Riley calms down, and the 3 all go through the Tunnel, heading for the Metroville Observatory. Clementine then asks "So, what are you doing out here all by yourself? You got anyone with you?" and Kyle answers "No. My parents, they... Died in the Great Invasion. It's just me and my dog now. Riley's all I have to remember my family, and this picture here." as he shows Clementine a picture taken before the War, showing Kyle and his parents, Dennis and Mary Reese. Clementine then says "I lost my entire Unit here, and I've been assigned to recon here, to find survivors. Guess you're all I found." as they keep heading through the Tunnels.

The game then switches to 4 hours later at night, where Kyle and Clementine are hiding in a Fallout Shelter underneath the Metroville Observatory in the City Outskirts overlooking the Metroville Ruins. Kyle then says "Well, I guess we could stay here for a few days? Then what do we do?" and Clementine answers "I'm going to take you to the Coalition Base in Los Angeles. Ever heard of Liberty Wall?" and Kyle responds "Yeah. There's a Fort inside called Fort Santa Monica, right?" and Clementine tells him "That's right. It's one of the very few remaining Coalition Bases in America, after Metroville and San Francisco fell. Chicago was one of our Bases too, but the Armada used a massive Fleet to take out our defenses and annihilate us. We've lost 800 million people, and all of us have lost so much, so many friends and loved ones lost. But we cannot lose hope, because we'll stop the Armada, and rise together." and Kyle says "Well, I listen in on Coalition Frequencies using my Laptop. I've heard your voice going through a few times, that's how I knew you were a Coalition Member." as he picks up a Honey Badger Assault Rifle and equips an ACOG Sight on to it and replaces the regular Bullets with Armor Piercing Rounds. Clementine then asks him "So, where are you from?" and Kyle answers "San Francisco. Well, until 300 Predator Missiles and Armada Ships came raining down on it." and Clementine asks "What happened to you on the day of the Great Invasion?" and Kyle explains "It was really nice out. I was out in the yard of my house, playing around with Riley. One minute, he's fetching a ball for me, the next... I look up and the sky's raining down Missiles from a high-altitude Predator Drone. Then Armada Ships are in the air, deploying Gunships and firing even more Missiles at all of the city's skyscrapers, and me and my parents start running with Riley behind us. After a few minutes, the entire city is like a line of burning craters and fallen skyscrapers. Then, an XS1 Goliath jumps down from a Dropship above us... And then, he takes out his Chaingun and unloads his rounds into my parents. I hide behind a massive piece of rubble with Riley, and my Mom says her last words to me: 'run, Kyle. You just go, and you don't look back'. And that's exactly what I did. I ran, and eventually found this Fallout Shelter. I stayed here for months, and only went out at night. I knew a way to snuff out the Seeker Drones' Infrared Systems, and find food, water and ammo. My parents thought I should learn how to use a gun, considering the Armada's rise to power started years ago." and Clementine looks at him sympathetically.

The game then switches to 9 hours later, where Kyle picks up Coalition Radio Chatter between 2 Heroes, and hears one saying "Viking 6, this is Stalker 2. Denver got overrun last night, Command wants another sweep on Metroville ASAP." and Viking 6 asks "Any survivors, Stalker 2?" and Stalker 2 responds "Negative. Any Coalition members on this net, please respond." and Kyle says into the Radio "I read you guys." and Viking 6 orders "Please identify yourself." and Kyle responds "My name is Kyle Reese. I'm in Metroville with one of your members. Clementine Everett, right?" and Stalker 2 says "Confirmed. She went into Metroville to find any survivors and do recon last night. If your the only survivor, then you and her need to meet me and Viking 6 near the Abandoned Factory in the Metroville Outskirts. Clear?" and Kyle responds "Roger, Stalker 2. We'll meet you there in about an hour, out." and he shuts of the Radio as Clementine wakes up, and Kyle says "Sorry I didn't wake you, Clem. Thought you could use the sleep." and Clementine asks "Who was on the Radio?" and Kyle answers "Two guys called Viking 6 and Stalker 2. You know them?" and Clementine responds "Yeah, they're two brothers called Logan and David Walker. But David, the one with a beanie, prefers to be called Hesh. Don't know why, though." as she picks up her SC-2010 Assault Rifle equipped with an ACOG Scope and Muzzle Brake while Kyle takes his Honey Badger with an ACOG and Armor Piercing Rounds as he and Clementine gather up a few bags of food, water and ammo, before walking out of the Observatory with Riley in tow.

It then switches to "2 Weeks Later" (in the interest of time) as an overshot of San Francisco is shown, with the whole city in ruins and the Golden Gate Bridge completely destroyed. The game then switches to the Point of View of a Camera on the back of Riley's Combat Vest. Two Armada Troops then approach wielding FAD Assault Rifles, and Kyle says "Alright, Riley, get those guys!" as Riley growls and runs at the Troops, jumping at one and chews in his throat, killing the Troop as Kyle gets up and crouches in tall grass and shoots the last Soldier, and Clementine jumps down from a hill. Kyle then says "That's the 3rd Patrol in 20 miles, we need to head North and get to Liberty Wall." as he, Clementine and Riley all head through the destroyed Outskirts of the city. After a few minutes of patrolling, the three go up a hill and then see the old Reese House in the Outskirts, Kyle's old home that his parents owned before the War Against the Villain Armada. Clementine then says "Your old house." and Kyle responds "What's left of it." as he looks at the house's destroyed structure, and then walks through the tall grass as a massive rainstorm falls down on him and Clementine, and Kyle goes up to two Graves where his parents are buried, marked 'Dennis Reese' and 'Mary Reese', and he drops to his knees and starts to cry slightly as Clementine scouts the area. After a few seconds, she goes over to Kyle and sits next to him, saying "This is a lot of rain. Guess it won't let up for a couple hours now. You hungry?" and Kyle answers "Yeah. Why, you got any food?" and Clementine takes out a piece of meat kept in her rucksack and passes it to Kyle, saying "It's a two day old Cayote. So, if the tase is a little off, that's why." and Kyle tells her "Better than a three day old Cayote." as he starts to eat it (this is a reference to a scene in Terminator: Salvation). Kyle then eats the Cayote and says "This is actually pretty good, Clem. Better than most stuff I've scavenged the last few months." and Clementine looks at him, then says "You know, Kyle... I recognize you now." as Kyle looks back at her, and she says "2 weeks ago when I saved you, I thought there was something familiar when I was looking at you... You're Dennis Reese's son." and Kyle laughs and asks her "What tipped you off, the good looks?" and Clementine responds "Well, you look just like him. I, uh... Knew your Dad from when he was young. Long story about the Multiverse and all that shit, so don't question it." and Kyle asks "You knew my Dad when he was my age? Shouldn't that make you, like... 33 years old? Instead, you're only, like, 13 years old?" and then Clementine sighs and explains "Yeah, you guessed right: I'm 13, and I'm a Time Traveler, Kyle. Heroes that go across Time and The Multiverse to assassinate Villains in the Past or Future, and protect Hero Knights in those periods. One time, about a year ago... My Mission was to go back to the year 1990, when your Dad was 11, and to save him from a Villain Assassin." as Kyle looks in shock and then says "I knew I heard your name from somewhere! Clementine fucking Everett, my Dad talked about you all the time! Said that when he was 11 years old, this girl saved him from an Assassin sent to kill him. I always thought he was talking bullshit, like 'Kyle, you have to stand up for Humanity' and 'The Villain Armada will rise'. When I was really little, I never understood what the fuck he was talking about." as Clementine laughs and says "Yeah, you look exactly like your Dad. Apart from the dark brown hair, your Dad was blonde." as Kyle takes a Picture out of his pocket and shows her it, and the Picture shows an 11-year-old Dennis Reese in 1990, bearing an almost exact resemblance to Kyle. Clementine then says "He's a stunner, isn't he? Looks almost exactly like you..." as Kyle blushes red and asks "Y-you're making a move on me? Like, right now?" and Clementine (seeing his response) blushes as well and says "No, no... I was just saying, I... Never mind." as she stands up and says "I'm gonna go inside the House, you might wanna get some rest." and Kyle laughs, then remarks "Y'know, you sound like my Mom right now." and then he sees Clementine walk into the House. Sitting in front of his parents's Graves for a couple minutes, Kyle then sees Riley looking at him curiously and then pets the German Sheperd, saying "I know, boy... You miss them too, huh? At least we've got Clementine with us, right?" and then Riley barks quietly in a cheerful way, and then Kyle gets up and throws him the Coyote Meat, saying "Here, finish that. Good boy..." as Rilet eats the Coyote and Kyle walks towards the Reese Home along with Clementine.

The game then switches to 3 hours later, and Clementine is scouting the area around the house with a Vector K10 SMG. After a few minutes, she gets a Radio signal from Merrick, who says "Clementine, it's Merrick. Just need to break something to you." before sighing sadly and saying "The Armada took Boston a few hours ago. Dozens of our Troops dragged themselves back to Los Angeles, and went into Fort Santa Monica. They were bleeding, and they told us that approximately 100,000 people died in the Battle." and Clementine says "Ah, shit. That's another city taken by the Villain Armada. Kyle and I are heading North to LA now. We'll meet you in about a week. If only we had a car and knew how to drive, or if somebody sent in a Chopper." and Merrick tells her "The Airspace over San Francisco is flooded with H-Ks. We'd be torn apart in seconds. You guys get back here safe, Merrick out." as Clementine shuts off the Radio, then walks back into the House. She then goes into the room and sees Kyle sleeping on a couch and Riley on the floor doing the same, and she walks up to Kyle and nudges him, saying "Kyle, wake up. Come on, Kyle! We need to go." and Kyle wakes up, getting up exhaustedly and saying "What is it?" and Clementine responds "The Armada took down the Boston Unit last night, and took the city. We need to get to LA in four days, before the Armada even thinks about launching an offensive." as Kyle gets up, and Riley wakes up and then walks with the two. However, they hear chattering outside and Clementine says "Get down!!" as the Armada Troops outside start unloading bullets from their LMGs into the house, and Kyle yells "Riley, go!!" as Rikey charges outside and bites the throats out of two Troops, while Clementine and Kyle shoot at the 6 others, and an EC-2345 Chopper flies in with several more Armada Troops jumping off, and then Clementine, Kyle and Riley all run away from the house and into the woods as the Armada Troops start firing rounds at them, but the Commander says "Don't fire, let them go! They're not worth the ammo. Continue your patrol, and leave this place. Nothing but a desecrated house anyway." as they get back on the Chopper and take off.

A couple minutes later, Kyle and Clementine stop running and they both breathe in exhaustion and Kyle sets himself down on a tree, and Clementine sees a bridge that has a Shelter under the Overpass, and she and Kyle walk over to it with Riley. Kyle then sits down and asks Clementine "You cold?" and Clementine responds "Freezing. Why, you got anything?" and Kyle takes off his coat, and says "Here, take it. You need it more than me." and Clementine says "You need to stay warm, Kyle. I can deal with some cold." and Kyle tells her "Trust me, I'm used to this. I survived for 3 months in the cold Subway without this coat." and he hands it to ClementIne, who sits next to him and puts the coat on. After a few minutes, Clementine asks "What was it like? Not being a member of the Coalition, and crawling around through cities at night." and Kyle responds "I was cold. Starving every day. Barely had any food, water... Only weapon I had was my Pistol, and Riley. Every time the Armada and Coalition were fighting above ground, I would sit in an abandoned train and cover my ears because I was afraid of the gunshots." and Clementine says "DId the Armada... Ever catch you?" and Kyle answers "One time, after the Battle of San Francisco. They ambushed me and grabbed me, I tried to resist, but they knocked me out. I was sent to a Work Camp to be used as a labour force, along with hundreds of others." and he rolls his sleeve up, and shows Clementine a Identification Bar Code on his arm, saying "This was burnt in by a Laser Scanner. Hurt like hell. I found a way out though, killed a Guard with a Shiv and then went into the Vents. Crawled through dirt and mud, and piles of Human corpses to get out." and Clementine says "You've gone through so much pain, Kyle. You don't deserve any of it at all. But that's just what the Armada is. They prey on the Scavengers, drifters who hope to find food and shelter in cities, and then round them up in their Death Camps." and she looks at him, then says "I promise, Kyle... I won't let them hurt you. Ever. If one of them lays a hand on you, or threatens your life... I'll cut their heart out." and Kyle asks "Really? You'd kill them just for trying to hurt me?" and Clementine answers "Yeah, I will. Come on, we should get some rest." and then Kyle leans his head on Clementine's shoulder, and Clementine wraps her arm around Kyle's back, saying "I won't let them hurt you, Kyle..." as she tries to get some rest.

The game then switches to 3 days later, where Kyle and Clementine are aboard a UH-60 Blackhawk with Merrick, Hesh and Logan as they fly back to Los Angeles. As they are about to get to the City, they get a signal from the Base, and Elias Walker (the leader of The Hero Coalition) says into the Radio "Stalker 2, this is Command! We have a massive Armada Invasion happening here!! There's hundreds of Cruiser Ships and Airstrikes! Get back to Base now, we need you on the Front Line!!" as several explosions are heard and the Radio goes static, and Merrick says "Strap in, guys! We need to get to Fort Liberty!" as they fly by the Liberty Wall, and they see hundreds of A-10 Thunderbolts, Pave Low Choppers and Cruiser Ships heading for Liberty Wall, firing missiles everywhere and destroying Skyscrapers as Coalition Troops fight back against them in a massive ground and air battle. The Chopper then lands as Kyle and Clementine get out with Merrick, and Hesh says "You guys are needed at the Frnot Line! There's a massive enemy force out there, kill them!" and all four Heroes get into a building and Kyle mans an M24K LMG Turret and starts unloading rounds into hundreds of Troops and Clementine uses an M35 Stinger to shoot down Choppers, which then crash into structures and bring them down. Hesh then grabs a Targeting Module and then calls in an Airstrike, and several A-10 Warthogs come in and fire missiles into the Front Line, destroying dozens of Armada Tanks, XS1 Goliaths and Infantry Troops. However, a Mi-28 Gunship comes in and fires Missiles at the balcony that Kyle, Clementine, Hesh, Logan and Merrick are on. This causes the balcony to collapse as all 5 Heroes plummet to the ground and are briefly knocked out. Kyle then gets up and grabs a Vector CRB off the ground and fires at several Armada Troops, but a Chopper is hit and crashes next to him, causing a huge explosion that blasts him back and disorients him. Clementine then gets up and goes over to him, saying "Kyle!! Get up, come on! We need to get to the Command Tower and call in another Airstrike!!" as she grabs him by the arm and helps him up, passing him a Vepr SMG as she grabs a Remington R5 and they start to charge through hundreds of Armada Troops to get to the Command Tower as several Airstrikes blow everything in the battlefield up.

After a few minutes, Kyle and Clementine enter the Command Tower and start to run up the stairs to get to General Elias Walker, with Riley in tow with them. After a couple minutes, the two are separated when a flaming Bea, comes down, and Kyle dives away from it while Clementine and Riley try to find another way. Kyle then equips his Vepr SMG and walks up a staircase to the top floor. However, a Armada Grunt comes in and grabs him, before throwing him through a wall and wounding him. The Grunt then takes out a Combat Knife and tries to stab Kyle in the chest, but Clementine jumps on the Grunt's back and starts firing into his Armor, but the Grunt throws her to the side and she hits a desk with her head, knocking her out. The Grunt then goes over to Kyle and kicks him in the face, knocking him out as several more Armada Troops rope in through a huge hole in the roof, and the screen turns to black.

The game then switches to Clementine's point of view as she wakes up in an Infirmary, with Hesh and Logan guarding the door. Clementine then gets up and says "Ow, my head! What happened?" and Hesh responds "The Armada withdrew their attack. They pulled out, and we couldn't chase them." and then Clementine asks "Where's Kyle?" and the two stay silent, and Clementine walks closer to them, asking "Where is he?!" and Hesh, after some hesitation, answers "Don't freak out, but... They took him." and Clementine, now shocked and saddened, screams in rage and grabs him by the throat, pushing him up against a wall and yelling "Where did they take him?! Where?!" and Hesh merely groans as Clementine tightens her grip on his throat, and says "If you don't tell me in the next 10 seconds, I will rip your hand off and shove it down your fucking throat!!" and Hesh, under choked lungs, says "I don't know, I swear! Do I look like an Armada Troop to you? How the fuck would I know where the enemy has taken Kyle?!" and Clementine starts lifting him up with both her hands around his neck. However, Logan says "Clementine, stop!! We've caught an Armada Troop who was salvaged from the battlefield. You might wanna take a look at what he is, though." and Clementine looks at Hesh, before coldly saying "You have a lot more luck than you deserve right now, you piece of shit." and she lets go of Hesh's neck, before heading over to the Holding Cells.

Clementine then enters a massive cell and sees a mysterious Prisoner chained to the ceiling, and she says "Ozone's hands have been busy. What is it?" and Kate Brewster (a Medic in the Coalition) explains "It's real flesh and blood, though it seems to heal itself quickly. The Heart is Humam, and very powerful. The Brain, too, but with a Chip Interface." as the Prisoner asks "What have you people done to me?" and Kate continues, saying "It has a Hybrid Nervous System. One Human cortex, one Machine..." and the Prisoner again asks "What have you done?" and Clementine asks the Prisoner "Who built you?" and the Prisoner responds "My name... Is Marcus Wright." and Clementine asks him "You think you're Human?" and Marcus responds by saying "I am Human". Clementine then angrily looks at him, then steps forward and unlocks the chain holding Marcus' head up, allowing him to look down at his stomach, which has been torn open by a Mortar Strike Explosion during the Battle. However, instead of a Skeleton made of bone and flesh, there is a massive Titanium Ribcage! Marcus, now shocked beyond belief, screams "NO!!! NO!!!!" as he tries to break the Chains holding him, and Clementine asks "Where were you manufactured?" and Marcus counters "I was born! August 22, 1975! No, I can't be... NO!!" as he screams violently, and then looks at Clementine, before saying "I know you. I heard your voice on the Coalition's Commlinks. You're Clementine Everett." and Clementine says "Of course you know me." as she gets eye-to-eye with Marcus, and angrily says "You and me have been at war long since either of us even existed. You killed my parents, Ed and Diana. You killed my guardian, Lee Everett. You will NOT kill me!" and Marcus stays silent.

Clementine then takes out her Glock 17 and aims it at Marcus' Titantium Ribcage, then shoots him twice. Marcus, starting to cave in, screams "NO!!" and Clementine angrily says "Kyle Reese! Where are they taking Kyle Reese?!" and Marcus steels himself, then says "Kyle Reese is on a Prisoner Transporter heading for Armada Central." and Clementine shoots him 3 more times, saying "Which city?! You may be an Omnidroid, but that doesn't mean I can't blow your fucking Heart out!" and Marcus painfully says "Okay... Alright!... They're heading to the Chicago Ruins. You want your friend back? Go and fucking get him, then!" and Clementine starts to walk away, but then turns around and shoots Marcus in the chest, and Marcus' scream of pain echoes throught the Base. A few minutes later, Clementine is seen loading up with several Silenced guns, such as a Beretta 9mm, M27 and a KF5. As she exits the room, Griggs asks "You sure you wanna do this, Clem? It's a very dangerous mission." and Clementine answers "Of course I'm sure, Griggs. Kyle is my best friends. Friends are really hard to come by in this War, and... I promised Kyle that I would protect him, even if it means dying. I would die for Kyle Reese." and she starts to walk away, but Griggs asks "When the others find out you're gone, what should I tell them?" and Clementine turns around and looks at him, before saying "I'll be back." as she walks away, and then heads outside to start the long journey to the Chicago Ruins, where the Armada Central Prison is kept.

The game then switches to 2 days later, and the Armada Central Prison is seen in the destroyed city of Chicago, with collapsed Skyscrapers, streets littered with corpses, destroyed Tanks and crashed Aircraft, and a grey sky. Clementine is then seen as she hides behind a crashed Razorback VTOL as another H-K Drone Ship flies over and starts using Infrared to scan the area, but then flies away. After seeing the H-K fly away, Clementine takes out a Profiler Smartphone and says "Okay, Kyle... I'm coming. Hang in there." as she uses the Profiler to hack a massive H-K Drone Tank that is stationary outside the Armada Central Prison, which then turns off and allows Clementine to run through the massive terrain of open land, and she finds cover hear the Prison's North Gate, and then silently sneaks through to the entrance to the Ventilation System, then heads into the Central Prison Block. After rappelling down into the Cell Block, she shoots two Armada Troops guarding the Control Panel, and then she walks over to the Prisoner Data Panel. After a few seconds, Clementine takes out her Profiler again and hooks it up to the Computer, and looks through several Files. After a couple minutes, she finds several Newspaper Articles published in 2003 that say 'Marcus Wright Executed by Lethal Injection' and 'Omnidroid Industries Purchased by USAF'. After looking at the Articles in shock, she says "Marcus was a Human, but his body belonged to Omnidroid Industries. This company was a front for The Villain Armada a whole 11 years before the War." as she keeps looking through the Prisoner Data. She then steals the Data from the Computers and then sends it over to the Coalition Servers, extracting the data and exposing the Armada's plans to The Hero Coalition.

In Cell 176, Kyle is seen chained up to the ceiling as he is dehydrated and starving. However, Clementine opens the door and enters, before saying "Kyle, I'm here to save you! Don't worry, I'll get you down." as she takes out a Laser Gun and cuts through the chains, which break and cause Kyle to drop to the ground, and Clementine runs up to him and starts to help him up, before getting down to his crouched level and looking him in the eyes. Kyle, now breathing in relief and exhaustion, says "Clem, I... I knew you'd come back for me." and Clementine tells him "I promised you, remember? I wouldn't let anyone hurt you, ever." and Kyle says "Clementine... Thank you." and he gets closer to her and the two nearly kiss, but an Alarm goes off and Clementine passes him an M93 Raffica Machine Pistol, and says "Save it for later, Kyle! Right now, we have to get out of here!" as she kicks the door open, and then she and Kyle start unloading bullets and killing several Armada Troops outside the room. After a few seconds, Clementine turns around and fires a Grenade into a wall behind her and Kyle, before grabbing Kyle by the hand and saying "Let's take a scenic route!" as they run out of the room and find themselves outside of the Prison as dozens of Turrets and Troops start firing at them from the Prison Wall and shouting indistinctly as the two Heroes run and dodge gunfire. An M7A5 Stinger Missile then flies in, and explodes next to Kyle and Clementine, who take cover behind a wall. Kyle then asks "Clem, you alright?!" and Clementine responds "Yeah, I'm fine! Run!" as they keep running across the Terrain and dodge gunfire, and Kyle manages to shoot a Sniper Trooper in the head, while also shooting at a Spotlight as a Chopper chases them, but Clementine shoots a Grenade from a Kasket Grenade Launcher into it, killing the Pilot and causing the Chopper to crash behind the two, which causes a series of huge explosions that kills dozens of Armada Troops, but also blasts Clementine and Kyle into a nearby River.

After hitting the River hard and getting briefly disoriented, Clementine looks below and sees Kyle sinking to the bottom of the River, so she swims down after him and grabs him by back and then starts swimming to a nearby surface in the opposite side of the Riverbed, and then swims up to the surface as she and Kyle gasp for breath, and Clementine drags the boy to a nearby rock and sets him down, before sitting next to him and saying "God... I'm never doing that for anyone else." and Kyle coughs water out of his mouth, before saying "Thank you, for coming back for me." as they look at the Prison, and Clementine says "You know I placed charges in there, right?" and Kyle responds "What-?" but the entire Prison explodes, killing every Troop in there and destroying every piece of R&D. The two then look at the flaming Prison, and Kyle asks "So, uh... Why two days?" and Clementine answers "Those assholes over at Command wouldn't let me take anyone to help, 'Airspace was too heavy', they said. Bunch of bullshit if you ask me. They have no idea how much I care about you, Kyle..." and Kyle is about to say something back, but a Hyrdo-Omnidroid, an Eel-like Omnidroid that is Amphibious, springs out of the water and then grabs Clementine, who struggles to keep it from gnawing at her face. Kyle grabs an MP-443 Pistol and starts shooting at the Hydro-Omnidroid, but an Armada Captain aims his gun at Kyle's head and says "Don't even think about it, kid" and it looks like the two will die. However, the Troop gets shot in the head by an unknown man, who later dives at the Hydro-Omnidroid and tackles it into the water. Clementine then gets up as she and Kyle both aim their guns at the man, who then rips the Hydro-Omnidroid apart. Clementine then yells "Hands up, now!!" and the man, now revealed to be Marcus, says "Enough!! That gun ain't stopping shit!" and Kyle says to him "No one shot you in the Heart, and I can see that thing beating a mile a minute!" and Marcus tells them "Ozone. The leader of the Armada. He's in New Washington DC, you do that, the Coalition has no chance! I can get you two in." and Clementine asks "How?" and Marcus steps out of the dark, and reveals his Omnidroid Skeleton, which is seen through his ripped skin, and says "Look at me.... You want this War to be over, don't you? You want to have a life, with Kyle?! Well... I'm the only hope you have! For a better life than just killing, for the betterment of Mankind. You want that life. And you want to life it with Kyle at your side? You shoot me now, all hope for that life is lost!" and Clementine signals Kyle to put his Pistol down, which he does.

Marcus then says "I'm the only hope you have. You and Kyle get back to the Base, and I'll infiltrate New Washington, and get into the White House." then takes out a System Hack, and says "As soon as this is set off, get then entire Coalition into New Washington and start the attack. Destroy the entire city if you have to." and Kyle asks "How long do we wait?" and Marcus responds "At least 4 days. Wait at the Base, then start the attack." as he starts to go into the River, and Clementine asks "What are you?" and Marcus answers "I don't know." and he starts to swim to the opposite side of the River and head towards New Washington DC, the Armada's Capital City.

The game then switches to 2 days later, where Kyle and Clementine are walking through the woods in the Los Angeles Outskirts, and Kyle says "Look, Clem... What you did back there, I'll never forget it." and Clementine asks "So, before the War... Did you have any brothers or sisters?" and Kyle answers "No, I was an only child." and they keep walking, and Clementine says "Yeah, me too. I always wanted a brother, though. You're the closest thing I've ever had to a brother." and Kyle responds "Well, you're kind of like a sister to me. But, I guess you're a lot more than that." and Clementine asks "What do you mean by that?" and Kyle responds "Oh, nothing. I guess I just, sort of... Well, I like you. A lot." and Clementine blushes, then says "Aw, thanks. I like you too. Come on, we should get to the Base, the others need to know about the next Battle." as they keep walking towards the Liberty Wall. However, Kyle says "Wait, Clem... I want to try something here." as he grabs her hand and pulls her closer, saying "After everything we've been through. Everything that I've done... We can't let it just be for nothing, other than ending this War. I want this next victory to be something more, something for us. I... Love you, Clementine." and Clementine hesitates for a few seconds, then says "I love you too, Kyle..." and Kyle kisses her on the lips. Kyle then stops as his face goes red and he tells her "Clem... That was awesome." and Clementine responds "Yeah, it was. We should go, though. The others are waiting." and then they walk to the Base in the middle of the City.

In the Base, Hesh and Logan see Kyle and Clementine enter, and says "Clem, you got him back. Great, you choked me for nothing." and Clementine responds "Shut up, Hesh. I was angry, alright? Plus, you wouldn't tell me where they took Kyle." and Hesh tells her "You fucking throttled me, though!" and Kyle tells them both "Clem, you can go at Hesh's choked up throat later! We need to tell Command about the attack." and they all head for the Command Towner, which is now under repair after the recent battle. When they get there, Elias says "You have a lot to explain, Clementine! For one, why did you go out of the Base when I specifically told you not to?!" and Clementine responds "Two things: One, you're not my Dad! He died a long time ago. And second, Kyle was captured. Did you really think I would leave him?" and Merrick counters "So, you risked dozens of our Troops just to save your boyfriend?!" and Clementine tells him "I'd die for Kyle! Unlike most of the other Coalition Troops here, I actually care about others! You are asking every member of the Coalition to act like Armada Troops! You want us to abandon our friends, and make cold, calculated decisions. But we are not Armada members. And if we behave like them, then what is the point in winning?! Marcus Wright, the Human-Omnidroid Hybrid, saved me and Kyle after I rescued him from the Prison. He says that he's going to infiltrate New Washington, the Armada's Capital City, and signal us for an attack. If we do this right, the War is over. But if we die tonight... Mankind dies with us!" and the Troops listen to her.

The game then switches to 2 more days later, in the city of New Washington DC, as Marcus walks into the White House, which has been rebuilt in Ozone's image and has the flags of Armada-Occupied America. A Guard then goes up to him and says "Marcus, Ozone is expecting you." as he opens the door to the Oval Room and sees Ozone sitting at the table, who says "Wright. I knew you'd come back. After all, it was programmed within you." and Marcus asks "What am I?" and then Ozone responds "You are an Omnidroid Infiltration Unit. The only one of your kind. We enhanced Syndrome's work, amended it. We created you, the first Human-Omnidroid Hybrid. Marcus... What else can you be, if not Machine?" and Marcus answers "Human. A man." and Ozone tells him "The Human condition no longer applies to you. Accept what you already know: that you were made to serve a purpose." and Marcus says "I know. And that purpose... Was to save Earth from people like you!" and he takes out a System Hack Device, then activates it. The Device unleashes a huge Blast that turns off the Turrets and Watchtowers that defend the Occupied City.

In the Coalition Base at Los Angeles, Elias says "May God help us..." as it then switches to New Washington, where thousands of Coalition Troops fly into the city in Gunships, Helicopters and C-130 Planes and fire missiles at the city, causing massive explosions all around and killing hundreds of Armada Troops, Drones, Robots and others. Half of the Choppers then land and drop off Coalition Soldiers, who yell in determination and start unloading all their ammo from LMGs, SMGs, Assault Rifles and Rocket Launchers as they charge through the city, and several A-10 Warthot's fly above and bomb the city's buildings, while the C-130s drop Tanks, Jeeps and other Military Vehicles into the city, which then start firing Missiles and Tank Shells at the White House, which Ozone is in. Kyle and Clementine are then seen flying in on a UH-60 Blackhawk while Hesh and Logan fire a Minigun and Stinger Missile into the city as Armada and Coalition Troops fire bullets and missiles at each other below, and dozens of Javelin Missiles fly through the sky and hit Skyscrapers, and the ground killing hundreds of Armada Troops. Kyle and Clementine then jump out of the Chopper and into the streets, using their Weapons to kill several Armada Troops and charging through Mortar Strikes, explosions and waves of bullets, and start to charge into the White House and shoot at every Armada Troop they see, creating an absolute bloodbath. In the Oval Room, Ozone says "Don't fight, Marcus. Remember what you are." and Marcus tells him "I know who I am." as he puts both his hands on the back of his head and then rips off his own flesh, and then ends up intentionally ripping out the Control Chip, and then crushes it. With the battle raging outside, Marcus tells Ozone "I'm better this way." and Ozone counters "You will not be given a second chance. You cannot save The Hero Coalition." and Marcus responds "Watch me!" as he headbutts Ozone then kicks him through the table, and then picks up a chair and breaks a window with it, then jumping out into the city, picking up a dead Soldier's Vector K10 SMG and proceeding to stealthily crouch-walk through the borders of the massive Battle.

Clementine and Kyle then head through the floors of the White House as an Mi-25 Apache flies by and fires a Missile at an Armada Tank and 5 XS1 Goliaths on the street as the Armada's Anti-Aircraft Turret's fire into the sky and take out several of the Coalition's Planes and Choppers. Kyle then says "Ironic how we're trashing the damn Capital Building, right?" and Clementine tells him "Well, it belongs to the Villain Armada. But after tonight, they'll know that it's suicide to cross the Coalition." as they head for the roof of the White House in order to signal a Bombing Run to destroy the City. However, Clementine gets a signal on her Heartbeat Sensor and starts to head to the source, which is in a room with a steel door marked 'Armory'. As she gets close to the door, it is blown open and blasts Clementine back several feet, and Ozone walks out of the Armory and has equipped an Omnidroid Exo Suit, which covers his entire body and gives him Superhuman Strength, Stamina and near-invulnerability. Clementine then grabs her M27 Assault Rifle and unloads bullets into the Omnidroid Armor, but the bullets do no harm, and Clementine says "Kyle, run!!" and Kyle runs away, taking the Signal Devices with him.

Ozone then grabs Clementine by the neck and throws her through a wall, while Kyle is on the rooftop and he sets the Timer on the SOFLAM Device for '15:00', and then picks up a Kasket Grenade Launcher, before running back down through a massive hole in the roof. On the Top Floor, Clementine crawls around as Ozone looks around for her, saying "What's the point in fighting it, Clementine?! The Coalition will never win! You and Kyle will die here tonight, and hope for victory will die with you." but Kyle comes in and fires a Grenade at Ozone, which hits his Omnidroid Armor's Chest Plate and blows a massive tear in it, exposing the Omnidroid Core insice as Clementine runs out to Kyle, and the two back up as Ozone walks through the flames as his Armor flickers with electricity. Kyle then turns around and fires another Grenade into the wall, which now has a massive hole in it, allowing Kyle and Clementine to jump through. However, they end up falling several feet down and landing hard on their backs in a massive Factory in the 6th Floor, which is putting together a massive Omnidroid Legion. Clementine then picks Kyle up on his feet and says "You're crazy, you know that?" and Kyle tells her "I don't know what came over me, Clem... But I just couldn't let you die." and Clementine kisses him, then says "You're crazy. Brave, but crazy." and they start looking through the Omnidroid Factory for a way out, but they find a massive table with several Omnidroid Fuel Cells. Kyle then says "These things are Omnidroid Fuel Cells, life source for the Omnidroids. Nuclear. Enough to level this place." and Clementine looks at him, then asks "Blow it the hell up?" and Kyle nods, saying "Blow it the hell up." as they start putting Crater Charges and C4 on the Fuel Cells.

However, Ozone charges in with his critically damaged Omnidroid Armor and tackles Kyle forward, then punches Clementne into a wall. However, Clementine grabs the Kasket Grenade Launcher and fires it, causing a Grenade to hit Ozone in the Chest Plate again, blasting Ozone back several metres and destroying the Omnidroid Core that powers the Omnidroid Armor. Ozone, now seeing the Armor as useless ejects from it and grabs Clementine by the neck, then starts lifting her into the air, and is about to kill her as Kyle watches in fear. However, Marcus jumps down from the floor above and charges at Ozone, tackling him to the floor and fighting with him, yelling "Kyle, Clementine, go!! Set the charges!" as he smashes Ozone into the floor, then grabs Ozone by the head and starts running fast away from Kyle and Clementine, and keeps fighting Ozone while Clementine goes to set the Charges with Kyle.

Marcus fights Ozone in the middle of the Factory, and Ozone asks "How does it feel... To be back to where you were created?" and Marcus screams in rage, punching Ozone in the face repeatedly and then throwing him into a Pipe System, which breaks on impact and release steam all over the place. Marcus then grabs a long piece of Shrapnel and starts hitting Ozone in the face with it, and yelling in rage while he hits him over and over. However, Ozone manages to catch the last swing and throw Marcus aside, then pick up a massive stone slab and then hit Marcus with it, blasting him into a wall and causing him to grunt in pain. After repeatedly smashing Marcus with the slab, Ozone tosses the slab aside the then punches Marcus in his open chest, causing a small amount of blood to pour out, and his Heart to stop, and Marcus screams in pain as he falls to the ground, and Ozone goes off to deal with Kyle and Clementine, who are now on a scaffolding above.

Kyle and Clementine then run across the scaffolding in hopes to get to an Emergency Exit, but when they go around a corner, Ozone is there waiting for them, and he grabs both of them by their throats and says "You two have been a thorn in my side for too long!" and he throws the two off the scaffolding, and then jumps down. Kyle then fires off another Grenade, which hits the Coolant Vat above Ozone and causes Molten Steel to pour down on Ozone and cover him in it, and the Villain Lord screams as he falls to the floor in a puddle of Molten Steel. Kyle then helps Clementine up and they run over to the dead Marcus, then Kyle starts performing CPR,mand Clementine takes out a pair of Defibrillators and passes them to Kyle, who shocks Marcus, and Marcus shoots up and gasps as he is revitalized. However, Ozone comes in with the piece of Shrapnel that Marcus held earlier, and then stabs Clementine in the back, and the Shrapnel bursts right out of her chest, and Kyle screams "NO!!!" as Marcus gets up and ribs the Shrapnel out of Clementine and then screams in rage as he stabs Ozone in the neck with it, and then rips the Shrapnel out of Ozone's neck brutally, ripping the Villain Lord's head off and causing his headless body to fall to the floor. With Ozone now dead, Kyle goes over to Clementine and says "Clem, no! Please, you can't..." as tears drop down his face, and Marcus helps him pick Clementine up, and says "Let's get out of here." as the three Heroes start walking towards the Building's exit. Outside the now-destroyed White House (which is ruined, along with the rest of the City), all the Coalition Members look in shock from a Chinook Helicopter as Kyle, Clementine ane Marcus all head for the Chopper, and they board. Marcus then tells the Pilot "We're too far away from Base! Set this down in the nearest Safe Zone. We need a Surgical Team, now!!" as the Chinook starts to take off along with hundreds of other Choppers carrying Coalition Members, and Kyle detonates the Charges below the White House, blowing the Building up as several Fighter Jets come in and drop Nuclear Bombs on the city, which blow up and cause a massive explosion that destroys the entire City and kills thousands of Armada Soldiers and Omnidroids alike.

The game then switches to 2 hours later in a Coalition Outpost in the desert as Clementine is seen lying in a bed with IV Tubes and a Heart Monitor attached to her, and Kyle, now in tears, walks over to the others. Hesh asks "How long?" and Kyle sadly responds "Her heart.. Can't take it..." as he starts to cry, and Logan comforts him, saying "It's gonna be OK. She's gonna be OK, Kyle." and Clementine, now extremely weakened and dying from her wounds, says "Kyle?" and Kyle walks over to her. Clementine then points to a jacket with a Coalition Symbol on it, and says "Take it." as Marcus comes over and puts the jacket over Kyle, and Clementine tells him "You earned it." and Kyle, now with tears streaming down his face, nods and then says "I love you, Clem. Please, don't die..." and Clementine tells him "It's alright, Kyle. You won, you don't have to fight anymore. The Armada's gone, and you can choose the life you want now." and Kyle starts crying and says "But you're the one I want to live that life with, Clementine...", but Marcus comes forward and says to Kate (the Medic seen earlier) "Kate?" and then points to his open chest, saying "Take mine." and everyone looks at him in disbelief, and he says "I checked the records. Clementine and I are the same Blood Type, we're compatible for organs. Everyone deserves a second chance... This is mine." and it shows Marcus lying on an Operating Table opposite of Clementine, and then Clementine nods to him in respect, and then the Medics inject both of them with various Sedatives, and Marcus narrates "What is it that makes us Human? It's not something the Armada can enslave, they can't program it into an Omnidroid. It's the strength of the Human heart. The difference between us and the Villain Armada..." as Marcus and Clementine both pass out and the screen turns to white.

The game then shows Clementine waking up in a Blackhawk Helicopter, now saved by Marcus' heart transplant, with Kyle and others as she narrates "There's a storm on the horizon. A time of hardship and pain. This battle has been won, but the War Against the Villain Armada rages on. Ozone's brother, Scarecrow, is now the last remaining Villain Lord, but we will not quit until he is dead. This is Clementine Everett. There is no fate but what we make..." as the game's End Credits roll, ending the game and marking the beginning of the end of the Armada Rising Series.

Canon Sequel Edit

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Non-Canon Sequel ( Infinity Ward's Alternate Trilogy) Edit

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