These are the monsters in War Monsters.

Normal Monsters Edit

Starter Edit

  • Orc Bloodslayer
  • Eyeslinger
  • Icedragon Baby
  • Spore Splasher
  • Drakus
  • Dark Knight

Grassy Forest Edit

Common Edit

  • Orc
  • Goblin BoomBoom
  • Silver Knight
  • TanTan
  • Orc

Uncommon Edit

  • Leaf Dragon
  • Black Knight
  • Orc Bloodslayer
  • Hound Goblin
  • Drakus

Rare Edit

  • Orc Shadowlord
  • Warlock
  • Dark Knight
  • Goblin Spearshooter
  • Leaf Monster

Specific Edit

  • Leafy
  • Terror

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