War Monsters is a game by TBDT.

Developer(s) Dragon Studios
Publisher(s) Dragon Studios
Platforms DGS
Series War Monsters
Predecessor N/A

Gameplay Edit

War Monsters is played by collecting monsters to battle in levels. Each level has enemy monsters who will target your monsters and at the end you fight the boss, who will summon monsters and attack you. To complete a level you defeat the boss by draining his health. The levels are in worlds and in the first version (current) there are 5 worlds. At the end of a world there is a world boss who is stronger then the level bosses. Players get monsters from completing levels and challenges.

Updates Edit

  • August 1st 2015- Game Released

Worlds Edit

Current Edit

  1. Grassy Forest
  2. Moonlit Meadows
  3. Dangerous Desert
  4. Oceanic Isles
  5. Frozen Mountains

Upcoming Edit

  • N/A

Monsters Edit

See: War Monsters/List of Monsters


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