Great Realities War


Middle Eastern Conflicts


The Multiversal Concordance

War Against the Villain Armada

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Multiversal Wars


March 21st, 2014-December 9th, 2014


Core Realities


The Hero Coalition's Victory
The Villain Armada Repelled from Core Realities
Multiple CRs left destroyed


The Hero Coalition

The Villain Armada


Kyle Reese
Clementine Everett
Elias Walker
Aiden Pearce

William Carver


170,000,000,000 Soldiers
800,000,000,000 Blackhawk Choppers, VTOL Warships and Other Aircraft
150,000,000 Tanks and Ground Vehicles

200,000,000,000 Soldiers
900,000,000,000 Razorback VTOLs, Warships and Carrier Ships
600,000,000 Walker Tanks and Future Vehicles


120,000,000,000 Soldiers
5000 Air Battalions
7000 Ground Units

190,000,000,000 Soldiers
880,000,000,000 Air Vehicles
550,000,000 Ground Units

"This Conflict began once the Armada seceded from us... No matter who wins, The Multiverse will be changed forever!"

- Kyle Reese (War Of Heroes) regarding the Multiverse Wars

The War Against the Villain Armada (WATVA), otherwise referred to as World War III and commonly called the Multiverse Wars, is a major Conflict in the War Of Heroes Crossover Universe and Terminator-Walking Dead Revised Continuity. This War is first seen during the events of the First Trilogy: War Of Heroes: Global Warfare, Terminator Genisys (Crossover Reboot) and making its last Chronological appearance in Terminator: Multiverse Paradox. It was a cataclysmic Conflict fought between The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada after another Conflict called the Great Realities War which shows the Foundation of both Factions.

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