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Gamer Highlights

Gamer Highlights

Featured Gamer

Khranus has been contributing since nearly the dawn of the wiki, working on multiple projects since the beginning. He may not be the most decisive when it comes to design and character choice, but no one produces more stylish results than him.

Featured Game

Wikia Contingency gathered attention fast. And when I say fast, I mean FAST. Created by Poseidon133, Contingency tells a unique story involving the users on the wiki joining together to take down vandals and villains. Go check it out!


We aren't that strict, but there are still rules we expect users to follow:

1. Please don't be a jerk. We all deserve some respect.

2. No stealing, copying, or tampering with anything that is not your own. Unless you have permission from the creator (or just intend to fix a spelling mistake), this is entirely unacceptable.

3. Keep harsh language and profanity to a minimum.

Anyone who violates any of these rules may receive a block. Block time may vary depending on which rule(s) you broke and if you've received any blocks in the past.

Full List - Rules

VGFW Imagine
VGFW Imagine

Imagine is the Video Game Fan Wiki's premiere game-making contest going on right now. Learn more here.


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