Project Dinosaur is the first game in the Time Confirmed simulator series.

Creatures Edit

Aardonyx (Earth Claw) Edit

Aardonyx is a medium size herbivore that can be captured in South America- Elliot Formation in the Hettangian and Sinemurian of the Jurassic. It is 6 m tall and 1m high, so most medium size, medium security enclosures will contain them.

Abelisaurus (Abel's Lizard) Edit

Abelisaurus is a large size carnivore that can be captured in Argentina and Patagonia in the Campanian of the Creataceous. It is 6-9 m long so medium size, high security enclosures work well. They can be placed with Carnotaurus

Abrictosaurus (Wakeful Lizard) Edit

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