TimeWarp Company, or TimeWarp, is a video game developer, publisher, and maker of the WII HD. They were founded in 2015, by Blindsighter101 and HealingHeart080.

TimeWarp, unlike most video game companies, plan to revive the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Advance, as well as develop the WII HD, Nintendo IDS, the Simulator, and the Holographic Eye, and create a major home console known as the Holographic Nintendo Software. They hope to also make games on all of those systems, and have already started with the Police Pursuit series, Escape from Atlantis! series, and Super Smash Unleashed!. They also hope to remake past games from past systems, and change the game a little bit. It should be noted that TimeWarp has a meaning for its name, meaning the company will "travel through time to bring back past games, focus on present games, and look to the future.

TimeWarp hopes to complete the difficult task of making different games for different systems at the same time, and hopes to remake past games into newer games on present and futuristic consoles, and vice versa.

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