The Wiki Games is a new fanfiction written by TheShadowCraft (talk). It mainly focuses on the concept of Hunger Games, in where 24 tributes are sent in an arena to fight to the death.

Chapter 1Edit

Birds flew across the field of harmony, each even tweeting cheerfully. A tall golden castle stood in the middle of the field, like a castle ready to take on anything that hit it. Inside, there stood a King playing with dark flames in his palm. A door knock is heard, the King flicked his fingers. With the King's flick, the door opened, with a scientist standing outside, who bowed and walked in.

"What business do you have here?" said the King.

"My King, the project Hunger Games has been finished, care for a trial?" said the scientist respectfully. The King raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

"You're not tricking me?" the King asked, trying to see if the scientist would test his patience.

"No sir, go have a trial for yourself." said the scientist. The King then dismissed the scientist and at least one minute later, gears started sounding as the King looked around his throne room. And the gears started concluding their grinding sounds, finishing with a loud bang. A small digital screen then appeared in front of the King's face. A small digital creature then appeared next to the King, floating around cheerfully.

"Would you like me to code the programming, my lord?" the digital creature asked. The King then nodded, as the small creature started working the project out, while the King patiently waited for it to finish.

Gallery Of Characters Edit

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