The Lightning Aether
The Lightning Aether Teaser Image
Developer(s) Trident Games
Publisher(s) Poseidon Interactive
Genre 3D Platform, Fighter, Open World
Modes Single Player
Ratings M16+
Platforms PlayStation 4

Xbox One

Wii U

Series The Lightning Aether

The Lightning Aether is a game for the latest consoles developed by Trident Games and Poseidon Interactive. The game was released in 2014 and is set in a set in a fantasy-styled world in the sky with modern-futuristic technology called the Lightning Aether, in which the society is on the verge of collapsing due to the take-over of the Dragons that has affected the entire realm.


The Lightning Aether is a fast-paced action-adventure third person fighter. The player can play as up to seven characters and switch between them. The player can navigate through multiple large open worlds.

Party Strategy

The game allows you to strategies with how many party members are on your party. The game allows players to select and deselect certain party members. While more party members most the time means a stronger party, some cases require less party members or a case were a party member is useless due to an elemental resistance. Some enemies get super aggressive when too many party members attack it at once. In some cases, a certain amount of party members will be required to defeat certain bosses even a specific number.


The Lightning Aether supports multiplayer servers of up to 128 players: each in the actual large single player hub worlds which makes for an extremely large and fun multiplayer. There is no world in the game which is not included in the multiplayer. However, some of the more linear worlds may not be as suitable for multiplayer (although they are still an option when selecting a server). That said, players can select a world and will either be auto-assigned to a server in that world or choose a specific one. Players can also access Multiplayer from the single player pause menu; however you can only join a server in the world you are currently in. Types of games include:

  • Free-for-all
  • Team (up to 8 teams)

And more specifically

  • Classic Multiplayer
  • Time Attack
  • Elimination
  • Combat Only
  • Ranged Only
  • Magic Only
  • Absolute Chaos (Switching between up to 8 characters, up to 1024 characters in the one server)

Players can either player as a story mode character, one of their own custom characters, an Amiibo (on the Wii U version), or a Sega All-Star on the Sega Neptune. Absolute Chaos is a type of server that follows more of the story mode combat system of having up to 8 Characters (Malakai is temporarily playable in Chapter 40) playable at the same time with the AI in inactive characters being lower if the player skill is higher; however the AI is not useless, just balanced to make for a server that is more rewarding for pro players.

Console Advantages

  • Xbox One: Almost realistic graphics, runs in 1080p.
  • Playstation 4: Almost realistic graphics, touchpad compatibility, runs at 80fps.
  • Wii U: Amiibo compatible, GamePad display and more console exclusives, multiple control options (Wii U GamePad, Wii Remote, Wii Remote and Nunchuk, Wii U Pro Controller, and Gamecube Controller.)
  • PC: Experience varies on PC.


In the Lightning Aether, Combat starts out very simple and then progressively gets more complex as more combat elements are introduced. Characters are assigned any of the three roles: Melee, Ranged or Magic to ensure strategic gameplay. Players can have up to three Paradigms in which they set and switch from.

Melee Combat (Heavy Damage)

The first combat element introduced Melee Combat starts as basic one button combos with heavy and light attacks and then more complex combos are introduced. The more complex the combo the more damage it does. Elemental damage is also attached to each character which can be effective against certain enemies. Melee is effective for doing the majority of the damage in combat and being the main target of the enemy. Having a team consist purely of Melee’s can be effective for taking out a bunch of small-medium enemies.

Ranged Combat (Medium Damage)

Ranged Combat makes up the third person shooter side of the game. Elemental powers replace ammo which has to recharge if excessively used. There is no fire arm in game which uses ammo meaning the player can just fire away without a care. Of course elements come into play and can be used against certain enemies. Ranged combat is good for dealing damage at a more safe range being out of the way however they are less when the enemy does ranged attacks if there are no melee’s on field. Having a team consist purely of ranged combatants can be good against a tough enemy which deals devastating melee attacks.

Magic Combat (Light Damage)

Magic combat does the less damage being raw magic and is more useful healing, casting enhancive spells on allies and curses on enemies. This role can call on the ultimate elemental attack which can only be used once per boss battle and has to recharge meaning the player must be very cautious when and where they use them. Magic combat is useful for better healing and casting spells to gain various advantages. Having a team consist purely of magic combatants can be useful for enemies in which are over powered in attacks.

Elemental Chains

Elemental Chains are basically combining different kinds of Elemental energies to create a greater effect. Normally, chaining happens automatically, however this often involves switching between characters if there are more than one enemy on screen.



Note: The gender of the main character- Oliver or Olivia can be selected when starting a new game.

  • Oliver/Olivia Field- Growing up in the Mage City of Runias, Oliver/Olivia is pretty natural at magic. Having lost her memory he/she does not anything about him/herself except for his/her name and that she/he is from Runias. Oliver/Olivia is a specialist in Non-Elemental Magic.
  • Kate McMason- Having spent her whole life living in Flora Bay; Kate is very used to life in the country as she lived on a farm. The death of her younger sister Serah who was killed by a dragon was a big driving point for Kate to fight against the epidemic. Kate most of the time is serious but just enjoy fun when appropriate. She is a specialist in Water Magic
  • Steven Harris- Steve spent most of his teenage years in Actori, a city known for wrestling and fighting, particularly illegal. Although Steve never participated in any illegal matches, he did watch them and was influenced by them. Dennis was the one who convinced him to stop going to the matches. Steven can sometimes seem overconfident. Steven is a specialist in Earth Magic.
  • Tracy Wilson- Tracy spent her whole life moving around, and was exposed to a lot being country, city etc. Tracy loves adventure and seeing new things. When Tracy was twelve, her family moved to Flora Bay where she soon got a part-time job at the McMasons’ estate despite being under aged, there she meet and became good friends with Kate. Tracy has never really experienced hardship but is empathetic, most of the time Tracy is very joyful. Tracy is a specialist in Thunder Magic
  • Johnothan Kirby- Johnothan spent his whole life being bullied for simply being who he was. He only had one friend as a child- Dennis. In his early teenage years, Johnothan was recruited by Emily’s father to be become friends with Emily. When going on a trip to Flora bay, the two were attacked by a Dragon, fortunately being rescued by Tracy. Johnothan is really kind towards his friends and is open minded towards new ideas. Johnothan is a specialist in Wind Magic.
  • Emily Blackwell- Belonging to a wealthy family that runs a company called the Noble Emporium, Emily was spoilt as a kid, one day Emily wanted to have a gay best friend, thus her father recruited Johnothan who stuck by her side to this day. When going on a trip to Flora bay, the two were attacked by a Dragon, fortunately being rescued by Tracy. Emily became more open minded and empathetic upon meeting him. Emily is a specialist in Fire Magic
  • Dennis Winters- Dennis was a childhood friend of Johnothan and was discriminated against for his race. In his teenage years Dennis met Steven in Actori where he tried to convince Steven that illegal fighting was wrong, which he eventually managed. Dennis got a part time job at a newsagent in the city which one day was robbed, leaving little money to run the business. Dennis was forced to resign and moved with Steven to Flora Bay where they met Kate. Dennis is a specialist in Ice Damage.

Supporting Characters

  • Serah McMason- Like Kate, Serah grew up in Flora Bay and was very close to her older sister. Despite being dead, Oliver/Olivia has begun having visions of Serah as he/she as had some sort of connection in the past who he/she cannot remember.
  • Acacia- Acacia is a young and innocent Human-Unicorn hybrid, inheriting the body of a human, horn of a unicorn and extremely slow ageing of a unicorn. Acacia cannot experience fear or anxiety and has no concept of things society would consider wrong. Acacia is an expert in Light Damage.
  • Rosaline Santiago- Rosaline is an accountant who financially supports Kate’s group and is an expert in fundraising for her own safety she knows basic weapon combat and limited Fire attacks.
  • Rathyn- Belonging to an Avian tribe, Rathyn does his best to assist Kate and her squad in their journey. Rathyn is highly trained in flight and an expert in combat but still gets nervous when in high pressure situations.
  • Damian Cruz- Rathyn’s younger brother, Damian took on a human name because his original name translated to something vulgar in English. Damian is an expert at getting from point A to B in a short amount of time making him a good messenger.


  • Malakai- Malakai is the prime suspect for being behind the Dragon take-over, while it is not sure if he is responsible, there is no doubt that he is involved somehow. Malakai is pure evil and is a heartless tyrant. He is a master of Shadow Damage.
  • Hector Ignacio- Hector is a heartless industrialist set purely on making a money instead of doing what is rightly logical. It is suspected that he hired someone to organize the takeover. Hector is hated for being both racist and sexist and thinks emotionally making most of his choices to spite others.
  • “Aether”- No one is sure what Aether is but the most logical explanation is that she is built solely of Elemental energy. Aether is a complete Psychopath and wouldn’t be suspected of doing something like the takeover, however she is highly dangerous.
  • Yasmin McCloud- Yasmin is a heartless business woman who is secretly set on assisting the Dragon takeover as she believes it is what is best for the Lightning Aether. She thinks with pure logic meaning her decisions have no emotion.
  • Tremaine Sandeep- Tremaine is a psychotic pirate who is suspect for the takeover due to the fact that he has a lot of dragons in his fleet. Tremaine normally resides in Flora Bay as he is the first villain properly introduced. He is known for causing chaos.
  • Crystal Coles- Crystal is an Ice Mage who does not understand pain and trauma and does not recognize the suffering she causes. Like Dennis, she is a master of Ice Damage.
  • Mysterious Mage- Nothing is known about him besides his gender and species.


  • Aether is the only villain who is not suspected of being behind the takeover.
    • Logically she is the most capable of doing so due to her immense power, although Malakai is just as capable due to wielding Shadow Damage.
  • The final battle with Aether is called “Lightning Aether” which is named after the world the game is set in and the game itself.

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