The Last Evil is a game by TBDT combining characters from Franchises he likes.

Developer(s) Dragon Studios
Publisher(s) Dragon Studios
Genre Action Adventure
Platforms DGS
Series The Last Evil
Predecessor None

Playable Characters Edit

Nmamee Franchise Unlocks
Pikachu Pokémon Starter
Will Treaty Ranger's Apprentice Starter
Kai LEGO Ninjago Starter
Realm Realm Warriors After Level 1
Peashooter Plants vs Zombies After Level 2
Laval LEGO Legends of CHIMA After Level 3
Hal Mikkelson Brotherband After Level 4
Fire Dragon Dragonvale After Level 5
Steve Minecraft After Level 6
Spyro Skylanders After Level 7
Tahu BIONICLE After Level 8
Charmander Pokémon After Level 9
Horace Altman Ranger's Apprentice After Level 10
Trigger Happy Skylanders After Level 11
Dark Realm Realm Warriors After Level 12
Mario Super Mario After Level 13
Stig Olafson Brotherband After Level 14
Sunflower Plants vs Zombies After Level 15
Lloyd Garmadon LEGO Ninjago After Level 16
Eris LEGO Legends of CHIMA After Level 17
Alyss Mainwaring Ranger's Apprentice After Level 18
Axew Pokémon After Level 19
Lydia Brotherband After Level 20

Stages Edit

Name Franchise Level No.
Pallet Town Pokémon 1
Castle Redmont Ranger's Apprentice 2
Castle Araulen Ranger's Apprentice 3
Village Minecraft 4
Herobrine's Lair Minecraft 5

Bosses Edit

Name Franchise Boss No.
Morgarath Ranger's Apprentice 1
Herobrine Minecraft 2
Team Rocket Pokémon 3
Zavac Brotherband 4
Lord Garmadon LEGO Ninjago 5
Dr Zomboss Plants vs Zombies 6
Kaos Skylanders 7
Bowser Super Mario 8
The Last Evil The Last Evil 9

DLC Characters Edit

Name Franchise
Tom Beast Quest
Tuff Luck Skylanders
Treecko Pokemon

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