The Epic 80: Crossing Two Worlds is a game that features the two oldest characters in the Super Smash Bros. series: Pacman and Mr. Game and Watch, Unlike their respective games, the game will be 3D and an adventure game. It will be released on May 2, 2080 in Japan, May 13, 2080 in North America, and May 23, 2080 in Europe and Australia.

Story Edit

Mr. Game and Watch's Perspective Edit

Superflat World was a calm and peaceful world. The sun was just about to set and everyone was just about to go to bed. Suddenly, a swarm of ghosts invaded, and is haunting and tormenting the calm citizens of Superflat World. Hungry for battle, it is up to Mr. Game and Watch to get rid of this ghosts!

Pacman's Perspective Edit

Pacman has noticed that ghosts haven't invaded Pacworld in ages. He ventures into the Nether Realm to see what the problem was, but all he saw was an army of 2D creatures (looking like Mr. Game and Watch). Even the King of Ghosts was dethroned by these creatures. Looking for a fight, Pacman looks to save the Nether Realm (for the first time) from these creatures, and send them back where they came from!

Plot Edit

The game focuses on switching between the two playable characters: Mr. Game and Watch and Pacman. To complete the game, you have to save both worlds. However, you can only play as one character for five minutes, before switching to the next.

The game needs to be completed in four parts.

  1. Defeating all of the 2D Game and Watches in the Nether Realm with Pacman.
  2. Defeating all of the ghosts in Superflat World with Mr. Game and Watch.
  3. Eating all ghosts in Superflat World with Pacman.
  4. Leading all Game and Watches back into Superflat World with Mr. Game and Watch.