1. Super Toad Adventures is a game all about Toad and Toad friends such as Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Toadette and more!
  2. Have any questions about what to do next? Well why don't you ask Toadworth? Want cash fast to buy new items, characters and more? Well Captain Toad should get you some money fast!
  3. You can play as over 100 different Toad Characters including all colors of Toad including Red Gold Toad.
  4. The Game is Amiibo compatible with each Amiibo unlocking a Toad costume for example, Mario Toad, Inkling Toad, Samus Toad etc. The Toad Amiibo will bring in a second Toad to help you with your adventures.
  5. The game will be pretty much open world mixing linear and open world appropriately.

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