Items can be turned on or off for battles. There are multiple different kinds of items, and can really spice up a fight.

Assist TrophyEdit

Assist Trophy
Assist Trophies are Summoning items originating from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Once grabbed by a fighter, they summon a random character to appear for a short period of time, aiding the fighter who summoned them with their own means of doing so. Each Assist Trophy is unique from one another. For a list of Assist Trophy summons, see below.


Bob-omb (MKWii)
Bob-Ombs are Exploding items originating from Super Mario Bros. 2. When picked up, they can be thrown, causing them to explode on impact, which deals high damage and knock back to anybody caught in the explosion. However, Bob-Ombs are impatient, and if ignored for a bit, they will begin walking around with their fuse lit before eventually exploding.


Smash Food
Food is a Healing item originating from the Kirby series. When touched by a fighter, it replenishes a small amount of percentage. Some types of food replenish different amounts of percentage depending on their nutritional value, such as ice cream and cake only replenishing 2-3% while fruits and vegetables replenish 6-8%.

Smash BallEdit

Smash Ball
The Smash Ball is a Special item originating from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Once it appears, the Smash Ball will float around the stage until either a fighter breaks it or it eventually flies away. Once broken, the fighter who did so will be able to access their Final Smash, some of the most powerful moves in the game. Each fighter has their own Final Smash to access with this item.

Tiki SpeakyEdit

Tiki Speaky
The Tiki Speaky is a Damaging item originating from Skylanders: Trap Team. When grabbed by a fighter, the Tiki Speaky will hover over another fighter of random choice, wait a few seconds, then strike lightning, and then repeat this pattern twice more. Each lightning strike deals 15% damage.

Assist Trophy SummonsEdit


MP8 Birdo
Birdo is a supporting character from the Mario series, usually appearing in spin-off titles. As an Assist Trophy, Birdo will slowly walk around the stage, making stops along her way to spit eggs, and occasionally fireballs. Eggs deal 6% damage, fireballs deal 9%. Eggs can also be picked up and thrown by other fighters, not just the one who summoned her.

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