Super Monkey Ball World is a game for the PC in which is a 3D Simulator-World Builder game for the PC.


In this game you first unlock World 1: Monkey Island which comes with 1 level (Straigh Foward) and 9 spaces to build new levels. Every time you buy a new level, you can either buy a new or buy one in specific. Of course buying a random level is alot more cheaper.


Difficulty Random Price Specific Price Specific Genre Price 10 Level Pack (Speciafic Genre)
Beginner 1000 Coins 10,000 Coins 2000 Coins 15,000 Coins
Advanced 10,000 Coins 100,000 Coins 20,000 Coins 150,000 Coins
Expert 100,000 Coins 1000,000 Coins 200,000 Coins 1500,000 Coins
Master 1000,000 Coins 10,000,000 Coins 2000,000 Coins 15,000,000 Coins
Premium $1.00 (AUD Dollar) $2.00 (AUD Dollar) $1.20 (AUD Dollar) $5.00 (AUD Dollar)


  1. Monkey Island
  2. Circus Land
  3. Future Garden
  4. Chocolate Haven
  5. Water Docks
  6. Winterland
  7. Jungle Treetops
  8. Atlantis City
  9. Scarlet Desert
  10. Treasure Voyage
  11. Totem Terrace
  12. Easter Island
  13. Clock Tower
  14. Moon Base
  15. Sky High
  16. Magic Vault
  17. Spooky Graveyard
  18. Lava Hills


In this game worlds have 5 categories- General, Puzzle, Speed (Time Sensitive), Adventure and Precision (Balance).


  1. Straight Foward (General)
  2. Curvy Road (General)
  3. Up and Down (General)
  4. Whirl (Adventure)
  5. Turn Right (General)
  6. Turn Left (General)
  7. Gears (Puzzle)




  1. Balance Beam (Precision)


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