Super Monkey Ball Rush is the final installment of its trilogy. It is on the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and New 3DS. The Levels are branched like Shadow the Hedgehog. For example when you complete one Level you can choose to go on with Three levels


All Worlds
World 1 World 2 World 3 World 4 World 5 World 6 World 7 Final World
up The Battlefeild Smiley Base
up Deep Ravine Photo Isle Yellow Estate Bad-Boon HQ
up Cristal Jungle Mystic Cavern South Suburb Parade Floats Rainy Halls Technic Acropilis
Start Monkey Island Jelly School Dry Desert Frozen Flame White Harbour Social Network Clockwork Tower Dark Nightmare
down Ultimate Arena Rainbow Town Flat Battery Marble Manor Book Maze Missle Base
down Vegetable Valley Cyber City Toxic Plant Blast Canyon
down Purple Rivers Legendary Lane