Super Monkey Ball One is a Fan instalment for the X-box One (Possibly a Future installment) It has Twelve World each with 15 levels and you can build up to 300 custom levels, with the twelve Main Mode worlds plus five Custom Mode exclusive worlds. Since this is X-box One the graphics are meant to be really good.

Main ModeEdit

There is actually No Story line in this game, but it does have features not seen in any other Super Monkey Ball game, here are some of the features

  • Bumpers (knocks you Slightly)
  • Super Bumpers (They look the same as they did in 3D, These guys can knock you really far)
  • Mud (Makes you go Slower)
  • Ice (Is Slippery)
  • Water (if you are in Water for over 30 seconds your monkey will drown)


  1. Monkey Island
  2. Chicken Barnyards
  3. Cristal Feilds
  4. Green Lookout
  5. Marine Base
  6. Sunset Park
  7. Poison Cave
  8. Starry Glacier
  9. Volcano Valley
  10. Time Paradox
  11. Shadow Citadel
  12. Grand Metropolis (from Sonic Heores, Unlockable)

Custom WorldsEdit

All of the Custom Worlds are from Sonic Heroes, along with World 12 (Grand Metropolis)

Note: All world from the main game are present in custom mode

  1. Seaside Hill
  2. Casino Park
  3. Bullet Station
  4. Frog Forest
  5. Final Fortress


  1. Aiai
  2. Meemee
  3. Baby
  4. Gongon
  5. Yanyan
  6. Doctor
  7. Jam
  8. Jet
  9. ThreeDee
  10. SlenDee


  1. C-Aiai
  2. W-Meemee
  3. A-Baby
  4. F-Gongon
  5. P-Yanyan
  6. R-Doctor
  7. N-Jam
  8. B-Jet
  9. I-ThreeDee
  10. D-SlenDee