SMB Generations

Classic and Modern Aiai

You know how they made Sonic Generations, That gave me the Idea of Super Monkey Ball Generations. Where the Classic Monkeys meat the Modern monkeys. This game will be made for the Wii and the 3DS. On the Wii you play th classic monkey with the nunchuk control stick and the moodern monkeys with the Motion sensor. On the 3DS the Classic Monkeys are controled with the Circle Pad and The Modern Monkeys are controled with the Motion Sensor.

Main GameEdit

In this game there are two eras- Classic and Modern eras. This next section is about what world should come back. Please comment what you think should come back.


Classic Era

  1. Jungle Island
  2. Sky High
  3. Amusement Park
  4. Studio One
  5. Moonhaven

Modern Era

  1. Cobalt Caverns
  2. Ultra Heavens
  3. Chimpan Sea
  4. Alladin's Castle
  5. Mystic Dome