This game is a Action-Adventure, First Person Shooter and Puzzle game that features Jet. It follows him finding all four of the elements plus some bonus Elements.

Main WorldsEdit

  • Earth- Monkey Island
  • Water- Tropical Beach
  • Air- Floating Temples
  • Fire- Lava Mountain
  • Shadow- Dark City

Bonus WorldsEdit

  • Magic- Silver River
  • Life- Camo Jungle
  • Undead- Haunted Grave
  • Sand- Blister Desert
  • Tech- 2300 City
  • Ice- Artic Habitat
  • Fairy- Fairy Land
  • Sound- Amp Disco
  • Psionics- Floating Islands
  • Iron- Metal Plains
  • Lightning- Electric Grasslands
  • Magnetism- Magentic Caves
  • Plasma- Melted Foundry