Spectrum Realms is an upcoming trading card app game created by Kyledude788. This game will be now in development.


Spectrum Realms is a new card game that came out to the new generation of card games. One boy has an opportunity to make a promise of a man he inspired. And that is to become the master of Spectrum Realms.


This game is a mixture of Card Wars, Battle Spirits, and Cardfight Vanguard.

Players must have a deck at least 100 cards.

In the format, there are 4 types of zones. Deck Zone where you placed your deck, Trash Zone where your units are destroyed or using magic, Units Zone that is on the front row of 7 where you can placed your units, and Enchantment Zone that is on the bottom row of 7 where you can placed your artifacts.

There are 3 types of cards. Units, Magic, and Enchantment.

Unit cards are placed on the Unit Zone. They're your defenders and attackers.

Enchantment cards are placed on the Enchantment Zone. They give support on your units.

Magic doesn't placed on anything but, used to activate.

In the game, both players have 100 health. At the beginning of the game, the player starts first gets 5 mana. Next turn, they're refilled and add one mana. If a player's health sends to 0, victory goes to the other player.


In the Spectrum Realm, they're seperate into 7 zones. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Each zones has their own 4 clans. Some of them are allies together but, some of them are rivals each other. Each zone has their own power.

Red ZoneEdit

Red Zone represents the power of fire.

Orange ZoneEdit

Orange Zone represents the power of earth and technology.

Yellow ZoneEdit

Yellow Zone represents the power of light and magic.

Green ZoneEdit

Green Zone represents the power of nature.

Blue ZoneEdit

Blue Zone represents the power of wind, water, and ice.

Indigo ZoneEdit

Indigo Zone represents the power of darkness and space.

Violet ZoneEdit

Violet Zone represents the power of death and thunder.

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Each zones has their own keywords. Even though one zone has 4 different clans, they still share the same keywords.


Blitz - When units with Blitz deals damage to an opponent's unit, the damage from that unit will send it to the opponent's health. All clans in the Red Zone can use this effect.

Uprage - Units with Uprage gains PP equals to their health. The clans that can use this effect are Dragonic Empire and War Tiger Army

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