Sonic Vs. My Little Pony is crossover fighting game developed and published by Nintendo featuring the characters from the Sonic series and Hasbro's show, My Little Pony. It was the first ever Vs. series on Nintendo since Capcom created their first Vs. series, Marvel Vs. Capcom.


At Mobius, Dr.Eggman created a dimensional portal that connects to the other universe. Sonic and his friends try to stop him until the portal went out of control luring the friends and Eggman to the world called Equestria.

In Ponyville, the Mane 6 met the Mobians. Sonic told them to search for Eggman in order to comeback to their world. They join forces to find Eggman however, Eggman made an alliance with Discord.

The Mobians and the pony must stop the most greatest villians.


The game will set up 6 matches; 4 normal, 1 which you'll face an unlockable, and 1 final boss match.

You can pick 2 characters to select. During the match if one fighter's health send down to zero, another fighter joins in. There's no rounds. If the 2 fighters defeated, the player loses.

This is actually like Marvel Vs. Capcom.


There are 20 characters, 10 for each sides. 6 of each are playable and 4 of each are lockable. There will be some download characters coming soon.




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