Sonic Unleashed: Extreme Edition is the port of Sonic Unleashed to the Xbox Extreme. The game features extreme graphics and three new side campaigns. The same version was also ported to the PlayStation 5 for PlayStation gamers.


Sonic Unleashed: Extreme Edition maintains the core gameplay from the original with the day and night stages. It also adds temple stages where you play as Chip. This version of the game is slightly more difficult, but has an adjustable difficulty, however this only affects enemy variety and intelligence. There are three main styles of gameplay.

Day StagesEdit

With the main concept of this style of gameplay is being speed and has smooth gameplay, this is the most popular form of gameplay. The gameplay can very from 2D to 3D fast-paced platforming. However precise platforming can be difficult in this style due to the fast-paced speed.

Night StagesEdit

The Night Stages consist of a beat-em-up style gameplay to a puzzle-platforming style gameplay. This style was less preferred due to it being slower but it was still enjoyable.

Temple StagesEdit

The Temple stages are the new style of gameplay in this edition where you play as Chip. This style just focuses on platforming and puzzle. Playing as Chip, the player can temporarily fly.


All of the levels in this game are based on real life locations.


  1. Apotos (Windmill Isle): This level's architecture is influenced by Greek Mediterranean architecture, like the real life Greek island of Chora, Mykonos Greece. It also looks similar to the Greek city of Santorini.
  2. Spagonia (Rooftop Run): A level influenced by western European architecture, like the real Italian city of Siena.
  3. Mazuri (Savannah Citadel): This savanna level is inspired by Africa.
  4. Holoska (Cool Edge): An icy location, most likely based on Alaska due to the name. However on the world map it's on the world's north pole.
  5. Chun-nan (Dragon Road): A level inspired by China's architecture. It includes a run along what looks like the Great Wall.
  6. Shamar (Arid Sands): A stage designed to resemble a Middle Eastern desert landscape, probably Petra, Jordan.
  7. Empire City (Skyscraper Scamper) A location based on New York City where Sonic is shown to run between skyscrapers.
  8. Adabat (Jungle Joyride): A level inspired by Angkor and Southeastern Asia themes. It contains many flowing rivers and high cliffs.
  9. Eggmanland (Crimson Carnival): Eggman's empire, based on an island near the fifth continent. The stage is combination of an amusement park and a factory.


  1. Ulurus (Outback Adventure): This outback-like level is inspired by central Australia. It also includes Australia's unique wildlife.
  2. TBA (Missle Base): This snowy-covered mountainous region is inspired by Russia.
  3. Sakurai (Cherry Forests): This pink forest has architecture inspired by traditional Japan.
  4. TBA (TBA): Inspired by architecture in the Favela in Brazil.


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