Shadow of the Colossus 2: Revenge of the Beasts is the fan sequel to Shadow of the Colossus.

Shadow of the Colossus 2: Revenge of the Beasts
Developer(s) Team Ico
Publisher(s) Sony
Release Date 1st January 2025
Genre Action/Adventure/Puzzle
Modes Normal, Hard, Nightmare
Platforms PS3, PS4
Series Team Ico
Predecessor The Last Guardian

Plotline Edit

The game begins 13 years after the first game, and Wander has grown up to a teenager. However, an explosion breaks into the Shrine Of Worship. Mono and Wander hide in the Paradise Garden, and return to find 30 idols in the Shrine, giving their power to trap a beast, later revealed to be Trico. A boy runs in, then says his friend is trapped in the cage of darkness. After the three manage to defeat the first 10 colossi, two people stumble into the Shrine of Worship- Ico and Yorda. They then decide to help the others battle the colossi. When the 5 kill the 30th colossi, the Queen appears, along with a small colossus named Lux, who joins the heroes to fight the Dormin infused Queen. After a long battle that ends with the young colossus sacrificing himself to kill The Queen, Trico is free and the player is free to explore the Forbidden Lands.

Characters Edit

Playable Edit

  • Wander- Weapon: Blade of Shadows, Steed: Agro
  • Mono- Weapon: The Sun Bow, Steed: Hawk
  • The Boy- Weapon: Spears, Steed: N/A (Before Completion), Trico (After Completion)
  • Ico- Weapon: Sword, Steed: N/A
  • Yorda- Weapon: Light, Steed: N/A

Villains Edit

  • The Queen
  • Dormin

Colossi Edit

Gameplay Edit

SoC2:RotB is similar to the previous game in terms of gameplay, a mix of tricky jumps, swordplay, and puzzles to figure out the solution to defeat the 30 colossi. This is now made more complicated with the three, then five playable characters, making the player need to switch characters to solve puzzles and fight colossi (eg. Mono needs to fly on Hawk to knock down a pillar and trap colossi, or make a bridge.

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