Sapphire Prism is the main character of Spectrum Knights and one of the 49 daughters of the Prism Family. She's the main character of the first series.


  • Age = 24 - 5th of the 1st Generation
  • Height = 5"11
  • Hair Style = Long, Curly-Ponytail that goes on right shoulder, Bangs that turn left
  • Hair Color = Cyan
  • Breast Size = 34C
  • Butt Size = S
  • GemHeart (Gemstone) = Sapphire
  • Elemental Color = Blue


Sapphire has a cold persona. She's also very brutal and aggressive around people but, she does have a warm heart inside to her friends and family.



Sapphire was the 5th child that was turned a gem into a newborn

Sapphire was one of the few sisters who has a tomboy look and persona. She always get in trouble by having fights at school, but didn't use her powers due to the government. She loves to hear her dad's story on his army life with her triplet sisters.

Before CareerEdit

During graduation in high school, she and her triplet sisters apply to join the U.S. Army. Her family doesn't like their decision but since they wanted it and help to serve the country, they accepted it.

In her private ranks, she's one of the triplets that is more into combat. She beat up 50 soldiers and was the quickest in training. Due to her abilities and leadership, the general promotes her ranks quickly than her sisters. After 4 years in the army, the triplets began to retire as Sapphire ranked herself as Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S Army.

After CareerEdit

After her veteran years, Sapphire take a job as the police officer of the NYPD. She is now a Lieutenant. She chased a lot of burglars, drug deals, and thief. With her help on the NYPD, she became the dangerous cop of New York.

Spectrum Knight FormEdit

  • Spirit Animal = Great White
  • Weapon = Trident
  • Type = Staffsman

Sapphire is one of the Blue Spectrum Knights. By having the spirit of the Great White, she used her trident to give support on allies and damages to enemies.

List of Sapphire's PowersEdit

  • Aqua Bombs - Attack type. Summon water bombs and blast them to the enemies.
  • Water of Harmony - Healing type. Shoot liquid to one ally to transfer healing source.
  • Water of Slowness - Saboteur type. Shoot liquid to one enemy to transfer source of slowness.
  • Water of Power - Support type. Shoot liquid to one enemy to transfer attack boost.
  • Atlantic Eruption - Attack type. Pierce trident on the ground to shoot water explosions everywhere.

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