Developer(s) Filthy Tekkyo Games
Release Date December 31, 2020
Genre Free roam adventure
Modes Child, Easy, Medium, Hard, "Ye be dying a lot in this mode!" (aka Nightmare)
Ratings M
Platforms PS4
Series SERGE
Successor SERGE2
SERGE is a Free Roam adventure game created by Filthy Tekkyo Games, known for creating many Skylanders Fangames

Story Edit

For all the character stories here, there is one thing in common, it take place around the Storm of Infinity, a war that never seemed to end until the last Soul Stone was found, and this is what the story is about. Young teenager Micheal Volk (With his friend, Hugo Theobald, and girlfriend, Deborah Casella) is searching for that stone before the Protagonist (Antagonist, you should say.), Jon Melikian gets it first with his friend, Sid Hannibal.

Characters Edit

Micheal [PLAYABLE] Edit

The "Protagonist" of the game, an egoistical and harsh person, though treats his friends with great care. His troubled past doesn't stop him from getting the last Soul Stone, as he will do anything from even sacrificing his friend.

Weapons Edit

Through out the game he uses a proton glock and a cell sword, though, only for the first 4 chapters. You have to use a nuclear M60 and a proton sword for the next 2 chapters. Then, for the rest of the chapters you use a NLRL (Nuclear Laser Rocket Laucher)

Hugo [PLAYABLE] Edit

The first ever person to get bionically modified in 50 years. Hugo is a kind-hearted person, but unfortunately, he has 2 other personalities, Spike (the one who is most active in war) and Dennis (A angry second in command).

Weapons Edit

Hugo uses a medic gun described as to him as the "Heal-Mah-m8s 6000". While being Spike, he uses a RPG. While being Dennis, he uses a grenade launcher

Deborah [PLAYABLE] Edit

Dunno what to describe her as, mix of Jon and Micheal (Egoistical and Devoted).

Weapons Edit

A Baseball bat and a hot metal gun, that's all.


Huh, you can play as the "Antagonist", huh. Anyways, He's devoted and dominant.

Weapons Edit

A nuclear M60


The LEAST important character in the game, other than the ending. He's mysterious.

Weapons Edit

A grappling hook and duel proton pistols [MK. 11]

DLCs Edit

Why would a game have a DLC, when the good wins over the evil? Well, though I haven't written about the chapters, but there will be atleast 2 DLCs. It's undecided, really.

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