Ruby Prism is the main characters of Spectrum Knights and one of the 49 daughters of the Prism Family. She's the playable character on the first series.


  • Age = 23 - 9th of the 2nd Generation
  • Height = 5"10
  • Hair Style = Long, Curly, Bang turned left
  • Hair Color = Red
  • Breast Size = 34E
  • Butt Size = L
  • GemHeart (Gemstone) = Ruby
  • Elemental Color = Red


Ruby has a seductive persona. Her beauty and her sexiness made all the boys to want her and the girls to be like her. She also loves fashion and always like to be in camera sometimes. But, she even loves all her fans, friends, and family.



Ruby was the 26th child that was turned a gem into a newborn.

At the secret place of the goverment, Ruby was controlling her powers by shootin fireballs randomlly causing her parents and the other scientist to run away. Fire is her best friend and always plays with it, even trying to use it to hurt somebody.

Before CareerEdit

At age 13, a photographer asked a permission to the parents to borrow Ruby as a model for Target's Summer Clothes. Ruby really wanted it so, the parents accept the permission. After the photoshoot release, she become very famous.

At age 17, she took an audition of movie starring by Leonardo DiCaprio. Ruby is a big fan of him and wanted to be in the role with him. After the audition, she made in the role. Not only that, but she's going to play as Leonardo's sisters.

During the red carpet after the movie released, she brought her family with her. Taking picture with Leonardo, her role model, from the papparazi; she became a worldwide star. That's when her acting and modeling career starts.

After CareerEdit

Right now, Ruby is a worldwide actress. She been a model for up to 10 companies and have won awards including Oscars. She is now in role of a TV drama, Nurse V, which she plays the main role named Vivian Grey. She's also been in TV shows as guest star, movies, voice-acting for animations, and in talk shows.

Spectrum Knight FormEdit

  • Spirit Animal = Shen Long Dragon
  • Weapon = Chinese Sword
  • Type = Slasher

Ruby is one of the Red Spectrum Knights. By having the spirit of the Shen Long Dragon, she has the abilites Chinese-style swordmaster.

List of Ruby's PowersEdit

  • Dragon Storm - Attack type. Can create a huge fire slash, can hit up to 3 enemies.
  • Dragon Tornado - Attack and Defense type. Create a tornado of flames surronding Ruby.
  • Dragon Bind - Sabotaur type. Bind enemies with the rings of fire, also deal little damage.
  • Dragon Rush - Support type. Gives Ruby an extra speed and attack boost.
  • Fire Wall - Defense type. Create a wall fire and does damage if enemies get through.

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