Rocket is a monochrome type Game and Watch video game unit that is set to be released around on January 23, 3034. This game is the beginning of a Game and Watch reboot series, and is the start of a five-part Game and Watch game series, in which leads up to Mr. Game and Watch living on the moon.

Gameplay Edit

In this game, Mr. Game and Watch must transport fuel into a rocket. You mainly control the fuel as they come on a conveyor belt. However, you must put the correct amount of fuel into the rocket. The ramifications of too little fuel will not be enough to power the rocket, while too much will cause the rocket to explode. The fuel will come in small bundles of coal (number of coal ranges anywhere from one to eight). The total number of fuel asked will range anywhere between thirty pieces of coal to one hundred. If a hazard, such as bombs, oil, or animals happen to fall into the rocket's fuel tank, it will reduce the number of coal.

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