Rise of Akame Ga kill
Developer(s) Square Enix

White Fox (cutscene)

Genre -Action-adventure

-Hack and slash

Modes -Single-player video game

-Massively multiplayer online game

Platforms Playstation
Series Akame Ga Kill
Rise of Akame Ga Kill based the story after Akame Ga Kill. 

Gameplay Edit

The player controls as Akame and plays her situation. The game is similar to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, but That's enough that akame cut once, then the enemy become to poison. But in The Game are also enemies who can't die with her poison in case that will be a fight. The cutscene will looks like the Anime. 


  • Akame (Playable Characters)
  • Leone (DLC-Skin for Akame)

Story Mode Edit




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