Developer(s) Shadow Studios
Publisher(s) Shadow Studios
Genre Adventure, Strategy, Action, Fighting
Platforms Dark Tech.
Series Resurrection
 Resurrection is a fan game made by TheShadowCraft. The game holds a big storyline, yet adding a choose your own style, allowing the player to make different endings for the game's story mode, being unique. The game is also noted as the second entry to Blindsighter101's contest.


Resurrection's gameplay does play similar to the Fire Emblem series, yet containing some notable differences. One difference would be the Roam feature, that allows the player to roam around the world, 3D style. The game also includes other features, such as challenges and stuff to allow the player to challenge themselves.

Story Mode: Secrets Of The ResurrectedEdit

The Story Mode is an important part of the game, as it's like the main of the very few modes of the game. Rather than being called Story Mode, fans refer to it with it's sub-title, "Secrets Of The Resurrected". The Story Mode features the Resurrected, a group of people who have resurrected as humans, but with enchanced strength but are driven by an enemy even stronger than a nightmare, hatred. As they realise they're alive and some notice that their loved ones are dead, hatred grows inside them, as they have revived into the age, where they won't likely see their loved ones.

However, other Resurrected were able to survive the madness of hatred and with their abilities, decided to help stop the mess the corrupted Resurrected have made, as well as the one who had caused the Resurrection.


The characters list mostly includes of Playable Characters as well as NPCs who will help the player's cast on their very own story. While you play as the Main Playable Character the most, you can play as the other Playable Characters still.


Classes are an important part of the game, as each class has their own disadvantage and advantages. Each character is grouped into a class, which sadly can not be chosen, as the class is already chosen for that specific character.

  • Monk - The Monk class dosen't nessecarily mean a Monk, but the class has completely balanced stats, meaning it dosen't have any disadvantage or advantages.
  • Attacker - The Attacker class has stronger offense than the classes.
  • Shielder - The Shielder class has stronger defense than the other classes.
  • Speeder - The Speeder class has more speed than the other classes, having pretty somewhat high chances of dodging.

The classes as mentioned above, all have their disadvantages and advantages which goes in the order of: 

Attacker -> Shielder -> Speeder -> Attacker

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