Purple Man
Developer(s) Fishlip Games
Publisher(s) Fishlip Games
Genre Point-and-Click
Modes Singleplayer
Ratings M
Platforms PC
Wii U
Xbox One
Play Station 3
Play Station 4
Predecessor N/A
Purple Man Season 1 is a horror point-and-click game by Fishlip Games.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is very simillar to the games developed by TellTaleGames, being a point-and-click/action-adventure game. The story will be tailored on how you play, so your choices will affect the storyline, sometimes minor, but sometimes major changes. Just like the TTG games, every game is a season divided in 5 episodes.

Storyline Edit

Main Article: Purple Man Season 1/Storyline

Characters Edit

Episodes Edit


Credits Edit

  • Created by: Fishlip Studios
  • Storyboard Writers: Thibo1102
  • Special Thanks To: Scott Cawthon and TellTaleGames

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