Punch-Out!! Extreme is the latest entry in the Punch-Out!! series. It will be released on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U. The game centers around protagonist Little Mac, a boxer who seeks to win the entire tournament and become the champion. As a sequel to Punch-Out!! Wii, it uses the same basic mechanics, with a few new ones.


After the events of Punch-Out!! Wii, Little Mac is ready to retire. However, Doc Louis, his trainer, is not quite so willing to give up just yet. He makes a request for Little Mac to win the title, just one last time.


The gameplay is much like the previous game, but with minor changes. The player, Little Mac, must fight through several circuits, all with four boxers each. Every boxer has their own unique pattern. Little Mac can punch left, punch right, dodge left, dodge right, duck, block, uppercut left, and uppercut right. The player must lower the opponent's health until they get a KD (knockdown). If they get three KDs in one round, it is a TKO (total knockout). If the player completely defeats the opponent in one KD, it is a KO (knockout).

Story Mode

Like the other games in the series, Little Mac must fight his way through the different circuits to achieve his goal of becoming the champion. It starts off very easy, but gets progressively harder, especially around the World Circuit and beyond.

Minor Circuit

  • Gabby Jay
  • Dragon Chan
  • Le Copycat
  • Minor Forty-Niner

Major Circuit

  • Jack Frost
  • Mad Clown
  • Piston Hurricane
  • Mr. Blindside

World Circuit

  • Oliver Jones
  • Capp'n Crush


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