Dragons is a game by TBDT.

Developer(s) Dragon Studios
Publisher(s) Dragon Studios
Modes Story
Platforms PC, Mac

Story Edit

The game takes place in the Dragonworld, where dragons live. The Dragonworld is divided into Islands, one for the each element of dragons. The elements are rivals and fight and the only thing holding the Dragonworld from complete chaos is the Dragonbond, a tome that means no dragons will fight.

Part 1- Age of the Dragon Edit

The Dragons are creating tension. A war is about to break out. The Dragonbond is weakening. A full out war is brewing between the Ice and Fire Tribes and the Earth and Air tribes are in tension. The Time, Space, Dark and Light Dragons have disappeared from the world.

Part 2- Destruction of the Dragonbond Edit

A group destroys the Dragonbond and the world falls into chaos. All out war between all tribes and nowhere safe. Natural Disaters are being used and the Elemental Guardians themselves are stirring. The only thing holding the dragons together now is their very soul and species.

Part 3- Beginning of the Eclipse Edit

The Light and Dark Tribes reappear, causing an eternal eclipse. The dragons are fighting and even dragons of the same tribe are fighting. The dragons are corrupted and the only thing that can stop the evil taking over Dragonkind is the Elemental Guardians....

Part 4- Awakening of the Guardians Edit

The war is raging and the Time and Space dragons have returned. The Elemental Guardians are awake and the corruption is spreading. The guardians are getting corrupted and the Dragonbond is gone forever. The Dragonworld will be destroyed by the corrupted Guardians if no one can stop the cause of the corruption.

Character Creation Edit

The character is created after making it with this system:

  • Gender: Boy or Girl
  • Element: Fire, Ice, Earth, Air, Water, Electric, Light, Dark, Metal, Plant, Time or Space
  • Eye Colour: Green, Blue, Brown, Yellow or Orange
  • Type: Common, Wyrm, Goliath, Amphithere or Asian Lung
  • Name: Your Choice

Unplayable Characters Edit

  • Firetooth- Fire Tribe Leader
  • Icetail- Ice Tribe Leader
  • Rockbelly- Earth Tribe Leader
  • Starclaw- Space Tribe Leader
  • Metalfoot- Metal Tribe Leader
  • Vinear- Plant Tribe Leader
  • Farfeather- Air Tribe Leader
  • Zapzone- Electric Tribe Leader
  • Shadowmoon- Dark Tribe Leader
  • Timealik- Time Tribe Leader
  • Tsunamiwing- Water Tribe Leader
  • Flashling- Light Tribe Leader
  • Corruptorn- Evil Dragon Corrupter

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