Pokemon Dragon and Pokemon Hydra are the next two Pokemon games made by the battle dragon trainer.

Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre RPG
Ratings E
Platforms 3DS
Series Pokemon
Predecessor Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Starter Pokemon Edit

The player can start with Flamgon which evolves into Flamzard who evolves into Firegon, Hydrake evolves into Splashgon which evolves into Hydragon or Plantaria who evolves into Plantarian which evolves into Plantoon. It is given to the player by Professor Eucalyptus.

Plot Edit

After obtaining your starter Pokemon you battle your rival and challenge the 8 gyms scattered around the fictional Assilia region while dealing with the evil Team Doom. It also introduces a new type: The Fossil Type. All fossil Pokemon are retyped to be in this type. With Many new Pokemon you will have an epic Pokemon Adventure.

Pokemon Edit

Main Article: Assilia Pokedex

Team Doom Edit

Team Doom is an evil organisation who plans to take over Assilia with the power of Zextral (Dragon) or Hydros (Hydra)'s Empowered form.

Characters Edit

Playable Edit

Will- If the player chooses male

Amber- If the Player Chooses Female

Helpful NPCs Edit

Professor Liliana Eucalyptus- The Professor

Mum- Your Mum

The Rival- The Playable character you did not choose.

Axel- One of 3 rivals

Max- One of 3 rivals

Penny- One of 3 rivals

Team Doom Edit

Snake- The leader of Team Doom

Great White- An Admin

Android- An Admin

Team Doom Grunt (Female)

Team Doom Grunt (Male)

Locations Edit

Towns Edit

Rain Town- The Player and the Rival's Hometown

Rock Town- Axel, Jenny and Max's Hometown.

Fireball City- The City with the first Gym.

Stormspike City- The Second City with a Gym.

Ammonite City- The Third City with a Gym.

Darkstorm City- The Fourth City with a Gym.

Tesla Town- The Fifth City with a Gym.

Nile City- The Sixth City with a Gym.

Spider City- The Seventh City with a Gym.

Quake City- The Eighth and Final City with a Gym.

Elite City- The City of the Elite 4

Pokemon League Edit

Gym Leaders Edit

  1. Flame: Type: Fire, City: Fireball City
  2. Snowlar: Type: Ice, City: Stormspike City
  3. Fossilar: Type: Fossil, City: Ammonite City
  4. Xavier: Type: Dark, City: Darkstorm City
  5. Zap: Type: Electric, City: Tesla Town
  6. Aqua: Type: Water, City: Nile City
  7. Chris: Type: Bug, City: Spider City
  8. Craig: Type: Rock, City: Quake City

Elite 4 and Champion Edit

  1. Elina: Type: Fairy
  2. Armourus: Type: Steel
  3. Greena: Type: Grass
  4. Paul: Type: Ground
  5. Drix: Type: Dragon (Champion)

Mega Evolutions Edit

See Main Article: Pokemon Dragon and Pokemon Hydra/Mega Evolution

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