Pokemon Cobalt and Pokemon Obsidian are the sequels to Pokemon Dragon and Pokemon Hydra. It takes place in the Quaderon region.

Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre RPG
Ratings E
Platforms 3DS
Series Pokemon
Predecessor Pokemon Dragon and Pokemon Hydra

Starter Pokemon Edit

The Player can start with Flamink which evolves into Blazoat which evolves into Inferneasel, Fernake which evolves into Vinper which evolves into Pythern or Aquwolf which evolves into Riverbyte which evolves into Voltfox. Professor Fern gives them to you.

Pokedex Edit

Main Article: Quaderon Pokedex

Gameplay Edit

Pokemon Cobalt and Pokemon Obsidian play like every other Pokemon game.

Pokemon League Edit

Gym Leaders Edit

  1. TBA

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