Pokemon Bronze / Steel Versions
Pokemon Bronze
Pokemon Steel
Logos for the games.
Developer(s) AdamGregory03
Game Freak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
The Pokemon Company
Genre RPG
Platforms Nintendo 3DS
Series Pokemon
Pokemon Bronze & Steel Versions are a pair of fan games by AdamGregory03, taking place in the Pokemon universe, and released for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game takes place in the Ishona Region, a region inspired by Brazil and numerous other South American countries in it's design.


  • A more in-depth story from the world of Pokemon!
  • Over 300 new Pokemon to catch and battle with!
  • Two new way to power up Pokemon: Fusion Evolution!



The game features over 300 new Pokemon, 25 mega evolutions for older Pokemon, and 40 fusion evolved Pokemon.

New PokemonEdit

Number: Pokemon: Classification: Type: Abilities:
001 No image yet
Mole Pokemon Rock Dense
Sand Force*
004 No image yet
Parrot Pokemon Flying Bluster
Cloud Nine*
007 No image yet
Joey Pokemon Fighting Bruiser
Iron Fist*

* = Hidden ability.

Mega PokemonEdit

Fused PokemonEdit

In Pokemon Bronze & Steel Version, a new type of Pokemon transformation is introduced, being Fusion Evolution. How it works is that trainers can use a device known as the DNA Connector to fuse together Pokemon with similar genetics.

Pokemon: Type: Ability:
Fairy Poison Levitate
Ghost Fairy Magic Guard


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