Pokémon Sand and Pokémon Snow
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre RPG
Platforms Nintendo 3DS XL
Series Pokémon
Predecessor Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon
Pokémon Sand and Pokémon Snow are the newest games in the Pokémon series.

Story Edit

Sand Edit

The Player plays as Viola/Jay, a young villager from the snowbound Pyras region, who discovers a portal to the desert monarchy of the Glaciador region, where they are captured and forced to defeat the 8 Gym Leaders and recover the Badge Stones and summon ???, who can open a portal to Pyras where the heir to the throne is stuck...

Snow Edit

The Player plays as Ramses/Cleo, heir to the throne of the sand-filled Glaciador region, who is transported through a portal to the easygoing mountains of the Pyras region. Wanted for alleged murder of a young mountaineer, they must defeat the 8 Gym Leaders, recover the Badge Stones and summon ???, who can open a portal to Glaciador and save the villager...

Characters Edit

Sand Edit

Friendly Edit

  • Viola/Jay- The Player, Can Be Boy Or Girl
  • Ramses/Cleo- The Rival, Is The Opposite Sex Of The Player
  • Professor Acacia- The Pokémon Professor Of The Glaciador Region
  • King Omnura- Ramses/Cleo's Father And King Of The Glaciador Region

Team Sandstorm Edit

  • Captain Set, The Dust Devil- Leader
  • Dr Thoth, The Bird Brain- Admin And Head Scientist
  • General Horus, The Stone Knife- General And Admin
  • Ms. Isis, The Magic Strike- Magician And Admin

Snow Edit

Friendly Edit

  • Ramses/Cleo- The Player, Can Be Boy Or Girl
  • Viola/Jay- The Rival, Opposite Sex To The Player
  • Professor Pine- The Pokémon Professor Of The Pyras Region
  • Mrs. Perriwinkle- Viola/Jay's Mother And Mayor Of Snowhite Town

Team Blizzard Edit

  • General W- Leader
  • Hunter X- Assasin And Admin
  • Silent Y- Spy And Admin
  • Dr. Z- Mad Scientist And Admin

Pokedex Edit

  • 001- Intree - Plant
  • 002- Leafmur - Plant/Ghost
  • 003- Kitsunezaroot - Plant/Ghost
  • 004- Fotssia - Fire
  • 005- Flamongoose - Fire/Ground
  • 006- Infossa- Fire/Ground
  • 007- Dolflight- Water/Flying
  • 008- Porskyise- Water/Flying
  • 009- Skywailer- Water/Flying
  • 010- Spidirt- Rock/Poison
  • 011- Arocknid- Rock/Poison
  • TBA

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