Pokémon Past, Pokémon Present and Pokémon Future are the games for the eighth generation of Pokémon, and take place in the Pakra region, which is mostly inspired by Greek mythology. There are estimated to be about 100 new Pokémon in the region, with 48 confirmed. Eleven legendaries are confirmed, 13 mega evolutions and three Pakran forms.


  • Instead of Gyms or Trials, Pokémon Past, Pokémon Present and Pokémon Future introduces Pokémon Labours, 12 challenges based upon Heracles' twelve labours, the twelve Olympians, the twelve signs of the Western zodiac, and the Olympic games.



Towns & CitiesEdit

Pokémon LaboursEdit

  • The first labour takes place in Skybound City. It's based upon Hermes, hurdles, the Nemean Lion and Aries. You are led to the arena by Victoria, who introduces you to Flynn, a flying-type trainer and the Labour Master. His labour is based upon the Olympic event of hurdles, and requires a Pokémon with high speed base stat. Flynn will be using a Cucking, which has a speed base stat of 95. There are nine hurdles on the track in total, and Flynn's Cucking will be automatically set to trip over three of them, giving you an advantage. After you beat him in the hurdles, he challenges you to a battle, in which he uses his Cucking, a Spearow and a Battalion, his only non-flying Pokémon.


Name Number Type Species Evolves From Evolves Into Pokédex Entry
Lambush 001 Grass Lamb Pokémon N/A Shearub LAMBUSH wool is believed to have healing properties, and is one of the highest exports from Pakra for exactly that reason.
Shearub 002 Grass Sheep Pokémon Lambush Grovis SHEARUB are easily angered. They will fight Pokémon who threaten them without hesitation.
Grovis 003 Grass Ovine Pokémon Shearub N/A
Vipyre 004 Fire Fire Snake Pokémon N/A Searpent
Searpent 005 Fire Fire Snake Pokémon Vipyre Pyrothon
Pyrothon 006 Fire/Poison Fire Snake Pokémon Searpent N/A
Aquack 007 Water Duck Pokémon N/A Loongoon
Loongoon 008 Water Loon Pokémon Aquack Lagoose
Lagoose 009 Water/Flying Goose Pokémon Loongoon N/A
Tinyrec 010 Normal Tenrec Pokémon N/A Teenrec
Teenrec 011 Normal Tenrec Pokémon Tinyrec Tenrex
Tenrex 012 Normal Tenrec Pokémon Teenrec N/A
Crookoo 013 Normal/Flying Cuckoo Pokémon N/A Cucking
Cucking 014 Normal/Flying Cuckoo Pokémon Crookoo N/A
Cicarna 015 Bug/Flying Cicada Pokémon N/A Shedcada
Shedcada 016 Bug/Flying Shedding Pokémon Cicarna Ciscarda
Ciscarda 017 Bug/Flying Cicada Pokémon Shedcada N/A
Esprout ??? Grass Sprout Pokémon N/A Everdant OR Verdecid
Everdant ??? Grass Evergreen Pokémon Esprout N/A
Verdecid ??? Grass Deciduous Pokémon Esprout N/A
Battalion ??? Fighting Armour Pokémon N/A N/A
Mydriad ??? Poison/Dragon Hydra Pokémon N/A N/A
Antlaur ??? Fairy Hind Pokémon N/A N/A
Eeveon ??? Normal Evolution Pokémon Eevee Mega Eeveon
Argenteon ??? Steel Silver Pokémon Eevee N/A
Terreon ??? Ground Terrain Pokémon Eevee N/A
Spectreon ??? Ghost Spiritual Pokémon Eevee N/A
Frustacean ??? Water/Fighting Crabby Pokémon N/A N/A
Shockatoo ??? Electric/Flying Cockatoo Pokémon N/A N/A
??? ??? Psychic Guideline Pokémon N/A N/A
??? ??? Fairy Cheer Pokémon N/A N/A
??? ??? Dark Ambition Pokémon N/A N/A
??? ??? Ghost Awe Pokémon N/A N/A
??? ??? Fighting Powerful Pokémon N/A N/A

Mega EvolutionsEdit

  • Mega Butterfree
  • Mega Arbok
  • Mega Nidoqueen
  • Mega Nidoking
  • Mega Ninetales
  • Mega Persian
  • Mega Arcanine
  • Mega Rapidash
  • Mega Hypno
  • Mega Marowak
  • Mega Tauros
  • Mega Lapras
  • Mega Dragonite


  • Andrew (male)
  • Penelope (female)
  • Professor Laurel
  • Team Scythe

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