Pokémon Genesis and Pokémon Apocalypse are two games belonging to the ninth generation of the Pokémon games. It is set in the Menta region, which is slightly based on the Old and New Testament of the Bible.



Towns & CitiesEdit

Gym Leaders & Elite FourEdit

Name City Type Badge HM Inspiration Team
Delvin Restark City Water Flood Badge Surf Noah ???
Spencer Addream City Ghost Sight Badge Defog Joseph (original from Genesis) ???


Rastrong City Bug Locust Badge Cut Plagues from Exodus
Paver Claymount City Ground Brick Badge Strength Moses/The Ten Commandments ???
Erasmus Phillove City Fighting Sling Badge Rock Climb David


Amanda Curipeace City Psychic Temple Badge Rock Smash Solomon ???
Stella Warbred City Fairy Virtue Badge Fly Mary ???


TBA |}

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