Pokémon Eternal and Infinite
Pokémon Eternal Logo
Pokémon Infinite Logo
The game's logos.
Developer(s) Game Freak
The Pokémon Company
The Fakémon Company
Publisher(s) Zexal Studios
Genre RPG, Third-Person
Release Date April 8, 2017
Modes Story
Online Battle
Quad Battle (NEW)
Pokémon Amie
Ratings E10+
Platforms New Nintendo 3DS
Z-Split Vita
Series Generation 7 core series
Predecessor Pokémon Z
Pokémon Eternal and Pokémon Infinite are a pair of fan-made Pokémon/Fakémon games created by CouyZ. The mascots of this game are Cosmikaiju and Infinigon, both are part of 2 of the 6 new Pokémon types introduced.

New FeaturesEdit

  • Underwater battles are back from the 3rd generation.
  • Quad Battles - You defeat 4 of a trainer's Pokémon with 4 Pokémon of your own. Quad Battles also can rotate in Wi-Fi and the battle with the Champion.
  • Your trainer can now jump.
  • These games introduce a third-person camera.
  • The human characters are in their full bodies in gameplay when not battling.
  • The only trainer you're playing as is a custom character. You can also give your custom character a name.
  • You can import Pokémon from Pokémon Showdown AND the Pokémon Bank.
  • Like in FreeRealms, you can remove accessories and footwear from your customed trainer.
  • Your Pokémon team now has 8 Pokémon instead of 6.
  • 6 new types are introduced and they are Space, Cyber, Light, Beast, Sound and Air. Some Pokémon are retyped.
  • 22 new Mega Evolutions are added. 10 of them are Pokémon from previous generations. The rest are new Pokémon.
  • 130 new Pokémon are introduced which makes it 852 Pokémon in total.
  • Triple type is introduced.


You can see the new Pokémon introduced in these games here.

More information coming soon!

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