Pokémon Eternal and Infinite
Pokémon Eternal Logo
Pokémon Infinite Logo
The game's logos.
Developer(s) Game Freak
The Pokémon Company
The Fakémon Company
Publisher(s) Zexal Studios
Release Date April 8, 2017
Genre RPG, Third-Person
Modes Story
Online Battle
Quad Battle (NEW)
Pokémon Amie
Ratings E10+
Platforms New Nintendo 3DS
Z-Split Vita
Series Generation 7 core series
Predecessor Pokémon Z
Pokémon Eternal and Pokémon Infinite are a pair of fan-made Pokémon/Fakémon games created by CouyZ. The mascots of this game are Cosmikaiju and Infinigon, both are part of 2 of the 6 new Pokémon types introduced.

New FeaturesEdit

  • Underwater battles are back from the 3rd generation.
  • Quad Battles - You defeat 4 of a trainer's Pokémon with 4 Pokémon of your own. Quad Battles also can rotate in Wi-Fi and the battle with the Champion.
  • Your trainer can now jump.
  • These games introduce a third-person camera.
  • The human characters are in their full bodies in gameplay when not battling.
  • The only trainer you're playing as is a custom character. You can also give your custom character a name.
  • You can import Pokémon from Pokémon Showdown AND the Pokémon Bank.
  • Like in FreeRealms, you can remove accessories and footwear from your customed trainer.
  • Your Pokémon team now has 8 Pokémon instead of 6.
  • 6 new types are introduced and they are Space, Cyber, Light, Beast, Sound and Air. Some Pokémon are retyped.
  • 22 new Mega Evolutions are added. 10 of them are Pokémon from previous generations. The rest are new Pokémon.
  • 130 new Pokémon are introduced which makes it 852 Pokémon in total.
  • Triple type is introduced.


You can see the new Pokémon introduced in these games here.

More information coming soon!

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