Playable Assists are special characters in Super Smash Unleashed!. Playable Assists are characters who only served a minor purpose in flagship games or was in a small game in general. Because they don't have enough origin to implement into a full moveset, these characters only have two attacks: one normal attack (charge it to be a Smash attack) and one special move. They also have a Final Smash, and have the same charge bar as fully playable characters, but Playable Assists's charge bars are smaller. Their attacks are also powerful, and range somewhere between 20% damage to 30% damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Pichu is the only character that was a fully playable character in Melee, but is an Assist in this game.
    • TimeWarp Studios, the creators of Super Smash Unleashed!, originally planned for Pichu to be a fully playable character, but was figured to weak to be a fully playable character. So, in an attempt to make him more fitful for the game, they made him the most powerful Playable Assist, but the riskiest character to use.
      • TimeWarp announced this through Pichu's reveal trailer, on how Pichu became a Playable Assist. Before Pichu battled Mewtwo in the trailer, it was shown he had a full moveset, as gameplay showed Pichu having a moveset after he broke his cage. But after Mewtwo had killed it, and was revived by a powered-up Gardevoir, Pichu had forgotton all of its moves other than Thunder Jolt, Thunder, and Thunder Shock.

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