Pichu is a Pokemon character in Super Smash Unleashed!. As most Pokemon fans know, Pichu is the smaller, weaker, and lighter form of Pikachu.

Many fans assumed that Pichu would be a fully playable character again, like in Super Smash Bros. Melee, as it seemed that way in Pichu's returning trailer. However, when he was killed by Mewtwo in the trailer and was revived by a powered-up Gardevoir, Pichu had forgotten every move single move, with the exception of Thunder Jolt and Thunder, and his Final Smash, Thunder Shock. It was then confirmed Pichu would be a Playable Assist.

In both the Strength and Defense tier lists, Pichu is ranked at the very bottom. However, in the Speed and Luck tiers, Pichu is ranked pretty higher than everyone expected. Pichu has poor range in both of his normal attacks, and both attacks injures himself, too. A huge difference from Melee is the fact that he is a bit heavier. In Melee, he was the lightest character. But in Unleashed, Pichu is heavier than Jigglypuff and other 2D characters.

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