Wings Of Rebellion

Wings Of Rebellion is the name for the Story Mode of the game, P.R.O.J.E.C.T FAINT 2. The plot invovles a group of heroes who have dedicated to rebel against the corrupted government, whom deicded to govern the country in a wicked way.

Chapter IEdit

Kirito is seen walking among the streets, peacefully. That was until, an explosion occured nearby. Rushing, Kirito noticed that the town was being attacked by a bandit organization. Kirito charged full speed ahead and defeated the bandits in front of him. He noticed a bandit behind him who was taken down before he could even attack him. Kirito noticed that there was a girl fighting as well. Together, the two sword-users fought against the bandits. (Playable: Kirito, Akame) (Enemies: Bandits, Thugs) (Stage: Faint City/PF2H.U.B.)

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