The Ocarina Cup is the second cup in The Legend of Zelda: Karting. It contains tracks from Ocarina of Time to the Oracle games.

Kokiri Forest

Kokiri Forest

The first track is Kokiri Forest, a relatively easy course with few obstacles and simple turns. The race starts at Link's House, which is significantly larger than it was in Ocarina of Time (to fit all the racers and mounts). You must go forward and drop down to the ground, where there is a right turn on the dirt path. You'll drive past Saria's House and the House of the Twins before reaching a small body of water with grassy platforms in it, which you must either jump onto (using the ramps) or go past through the water. Either way, you will be forced to turn left and pass the Kokiri Shop before coming to more stepping stones and water. Turn left at Mido's House and continue up the hill to the House of the Know-It-All-Brothers and a maze known as the "Forest Training Center". When you reach the end, you will continue through a short cave which leads back into Link's House. There is a secret shortcut near the start of the race on the second lap where you must quickly drift right past Saria's House to wind around and up and cross two bridges before landing just before Mido's House.

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