Nightwing's appearance
Universe DC
Appears in DC: Justice Alliance
Availability Starting Character
 Nightwing is a playable starter character in Action Card in DC: Justice Alliance.



Dick Grayson is the first man to asume the identity of Nightwing. Adopted and trained by Batman, Nightwing shares many similar thinking and fighting ablilities as Batman, though Nightwing uses different weapons rather than using Batman's. Nightwing is Dick Grayson's superhero name after leaving Batman's side and becoming a solo hero. 


Nightwing was one of the last ones to be transformed into a powerless hero by Bandit Manhunter. Though was soon caught by him, with the help of Lobo. 


Nightwing is a meduim-weight character just like Blue Beetle. Nightwing's  moveset consist of many martial moves along using several gadgets of Batman, including his own. 


  • (SQUARE) Night Slash: Nightwing uses his elbow as a weapon and elbows the opponent in the stomach then slashes the opponent two times with his bare hands.
  • (TRIANGLE) Shady Leap: Nightwing leaps upwards and kicks whoever is on top, making him fall.
  • (CIRCLE) Furious Dash: Nightwing jumps sideways and while at it, strecthes his leg and arm to hit any opponent he makes contact with.


  • (SQAURE (HOLD)) Bat Swallow: Nightwing summons a swarm of bats which then fly towards the opponent, damaging them. 
  • (TRIANGLE (HOLD)) Electrical Jump: Nightwing jumps upwards in the shape of a ball while holding his elctrical eskrima sticks, so when he jumps upwards in the shape of a ball, the electricity of the eskrima sticks surround Nightwing. 
  • (CIRCLE (HOLD)) Eskrima Stab: Nightwing charges sidways with both his electrical eskrima sticks forward, damaging opponents. 


  • (X (HOLD THEN RELEASE)) The Wind Of The Night: Nightwing summons tons of bats which fly allround the screen and after the bats are gone, they are in the streets of Gotham. Random cars passing by crash into the opponent and Nightwing charges forward super-fast, just like wind and kicks the opponent then headbutts them and after that, takes the eskrima sticks and electrocutes the opponents and another swarm of bats fly upwards and it is taken back to the regular screen.