Developer(s) Shadow Studios, Spike Chunsoft
Publisher(s) Shadow Studios
Genre Fighting, Adventure, Platforming
Platforms Dark Tech., PS Vita
Series Nightly Champions
Predecessor None
Nightly Champions is an original video game made by TheShadowCraft. The game plays out like a Fire Emblem game, as you can gain Units [Champions] to work and help you.


The gameplay basically invovles the player who can freely roam around town alongside your units and by going into the President's office, you can choose between which mission you want to do. To add further, you can do sub-missions by talking to random/supporting characters that are spread around town.


There are a couple of champions, with you being included as the main Champion. As the protagonist, you can develop relationships with your fellow champions, making your bond with them stronger.


  • The Main Theme does relate to the Story Mode, that is why it was chosen.

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