Nickelodeon unite is a game published by THQ Nordic and developed by bluetongue entertainment 


The evil Mongkut has returned from the rib zipper and now seeks vengeance against the Nicktoons Nick teens and the Nick Jr heroes is up to the Nicktoons Nick teens and Nick Jr heroes to stop the Mongkut once and for all


  1.  SpongeBob SquarePants
  2.  Rugrats
  3.  Ren & Stimpy
  4.  Rocko's Modern Life
  5.  Aaahh!!! Real Monsters 
  6.  Hey Arnold
  7.  CatDog 
  8.  Fairly OddParents
  9.  Invaders Zim
  10.  Chuck zone 
  11.  Drake and Josh 
  12.  Jimmy neutron
  13.  My life as a teenage robot
  14. Zoey 101
  15.  Danny Phantom
  16.  Avatar the last Airbender
  17.  Cat scratch
  18. Tak
  19.  ICarly 
  20.  El Tigre 
  21.  The mighty b
  22.  Fanboy & Chum Chum 
  23.  Victorious 
  24.  Tough puppy 
  25.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
  26.  Robot and monster 
  27.  Sanjay and Craig 
  28.  Breadwinners 
  29.  Henry danger 
  30.  Harvey Bpeaks 
  31. ?
  32.  School of rock 
  33.  Loud house 
  34.  Boston the beast 
  35.  Dora the Explorer 
  36.  Little Bill 
  37.  The Backyardigans
  38. ?
  39. Wow wow Wubbzy  
  40. Bubble Guppies

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