New Super Monkey Ball 3D is a game for the New Nintendo 3DS, it is the sequel to Super Monkey Ball 3D


Like it's prequel, New Super Monkey Ball 3D has special bananas that a hidden some point throughout the world, this is in all worlds except fight worlds as they are awarded for acheiving first place.

Normal WorldsEdit

Normal Worlds are the classic Super Monkey Ball worlds. There are 9 Normal Worlds

  1. Monkey Park (Chocolate Banana, Level 1-3)
  2. Mt.Tyrano (Rocky Banana, Level 2-9)
  3. Sky Way (Safety Banana, Level 3-1)
  4. Pirate Harbour (Buckler Banana, Level 4-6)
  5. Crystal Mountains (Amethyst Banana, Level 5-8)
  6. Lava Pools (Molten Banana, Level 6-4)
  7. Green Battleship (Neon Banana, Level 7-2)
  8. Red Spaceship (Alien Banana, Level 8-9)
  9. Time Wreck (Paradox Banana, Level 9-10)

Bonus WorldsEdit

Bonus Worlds are worlds with levels that are only Bonus Stages, Normal Worlds still have Bonus Stages as Stage five but these worlds are all bonus stages.

Race WorldsEdit

Race Worlds are worlds that include racing. There are 3 tracks per race world.

Fight WorldsEdit

Fight Worlds are the 2D fighting mode of the game. There are 3 arenas per fight world.

Golf WorldsEdit

New unlike it's prequel, Golf Worlds are a newcomer. The are 18 holes per golf world.