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What is Naruto: The Ultimate Ninja?

Naruto: the Ultimate Ninja is an action packed game where you play as a ninja exploring the five great nations, fight other players, and build villages. You must find hidden crates to upgrade and learn new jutsu’s and weapons.


There are over 7000 different jutsu’s for players to learn and discover. The jutsu’s are spilt into different nature types which are: Earth, Fire, Lightning, Water and Wind. Each of these natures has over 1000 Jutsu’s for you to learn and wield. There are also over 100 different clan kekkie genkai such as the Sharingan, Byakugan and Rinnegan, boil release, wood release, ninja art and even fan made kekkei genkai.  There are also different weapons ranging nun chucks to two handed swords to the famed snake katana, wielded by none other than legendary rogue ninja Sasuke Uchiha.


There are four different materials which you can use to custom make your hideout. Despite the name you do not have to hide it. There are over fifty different items you can build for each of the materials. You can build traditional style Japanese buildings, Iron Forts, Tombs and many other amazing things.


So far there are three different species of animal you can summon, Snakes, Toads and one Slug. To make an animal your summon, you have to fight it and do a set amount of damage. Toads have the most health, Snakes the most attack and Slugs the most speed.  You can also summon tailed beasts if you have one sealed inside you. To seal a tailed beast into someone you must first wound it greatly and then perform one of three seals: Death Reaper Seal, Sharingan Seal or Sage Mode Ultimate Seal.


The starter map consists of the five great nations and the smaller nations such as the hidden sound village, hidden rain village and fourteen others. Currently there are only two actual villages in the game. On the western side of the map is Ryuchi Cave, in the north is Shikkotsu Forest and in the south east is Mount Myoboku.

How to become a certain kind of ninja?

If you find a particular book, it allows you to spend training points to learn a particular technique for e.g. medical nin-jutsu, Kenjutsu, Genjutsu and even highly advanced jutsu.

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