Morph is an anthropomorphic speaker dog. He is also Blind's mascot for Video Game Fan Wiki. He is set to be in his own video-game soon.

Biography Edit

One ungrateful day, a nuclear storm rained down upon Blind's area on Earth. School was canceled that day, but Blind didn't know and went anyway. While Blind was on the way, nuclear rain seeped through the roof of the school, falling onto a loud speaker. Immediately, the speaker grew eyes, a brain, and huge teeth. When Blind finally got to school, he knew that school was closed and walked home, only to have his leg bitten. Blind fed him a bone and claimed the speaker as his pet, naming him Morph. Now, Morph eats everything in sight, including Blind's homework. Unfortunately, that excuse doesn't get that far.

Attacks Edit

Morph will eat anything it can find, and will think it'll taste like ice cream.